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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Royal Vale Teacup, 15 Uses For Tea

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

I am enjoying the sun and warmth we have had for the last several days. In the 50s is warn for us! Lovely! However, my allergies are not good so I seem to be "bubble girl" at the moment and have to stay in which is very hard!Plus with 3 meds going for them at the moment I hope I'm coherent!

This is a pretty spring floral chintz bone china teacup from Royal Vale, England that was made in the 1960s. I love the fresh and bright but dainty pattern. So pretty! I love the delicacy! Click on the photos for more info at Antiques And Teacups.

I came across this fabulous idea for using teacups as cupcake holders. What a great idea for a tea party dessert! The idea was spotted on a website called Perfect Outdoor Weddings. Isn't that a great idea?

I also found a great list of things you can do with tea by By Steve Graham, Hometalk:

1. Clean carpets: Clean up musty, dirty carpets by sprinkling dry, used green tea leaves on the carpet. Let them work their magic for about 10 minutes, then vacuum them up. Delicate Persian and Oriental rugs can also benefit from a sprinkling of tea leaves. In this case, sprinkle nearly dry, used whole tea leaves on the rugs, and gently sweep them away.
2. Shine wood floors: The tannins in black tea can help shine and color hardwood flooring. Follow your regular floor cleaning routine by carefully rubbing some brewed tea into the floor (don't use too much water on hardwood flooring) and letting it air dry.
3. Polish furniture: Brewed tea also can help clean and shine wood furniture. The tannins in tea will re-color light spots and scratches in wood surfaces. Dip a soft cloth in a small amount of strongly-brewed tea, and use it to wipe down scratched tables, chairs, and more. Woodworker Jim McNamara suggested using "regular orange pekoe (Lipton's) or other dark tea" in Woodworker's Gazette.
4. Clean mirrors and windows: Tea can remove stubborn, greasy fingerprints from glass, and make it sparkle. Simply rub a damp teabag on the glass or fill a spray bottle with brewed tea.
5. Clean toilet stains: Rumor has it that used tea leaves can magically remove stubborn stains in the bottom of the toilet bowl. Just leave them in the toilet for several hours, then flush the toilet and brush the bowl.
6. Soothe a sunburn: Tea can soothe sunburns and other minor burns. Dr. Oz suggests sponging sunburned skin with "cooled chamomile tea" for it's anti-inflammatory effect. Don't try this if skin is broken.
7. Soothe tired eyes: Warm, wet tea bags can reduce puffiness and soothe pain around tired eyes - and tea bags on your eyes look a little less ridiculous than cucumber slices.
8. Soothe bleeding gums: After a tooth extraction or when an older child loses a tooth, try putting a cold, wet tea bag in the mouth where the tooth was lost and bite down on it. According to theCleveland Clinic, "The tannic acid in tea helps healing blood clots to form (blood clots function similarly to a scab on an open wound). It can reduce bleeding and soothe pain."
9. Shine dry hair: Brewed tea makes a good conditioner for dry hair. Rinse with (unsweetened) tea and leave to dry for a while, then rinse again with water.
10. Improve skin: The Mayo Clinic suggests that herbal tea ingredients chamomile and calendula can help soothe dermatitis when prepared as a topical cream. Consult with a qualified health practitioner before using these remedies.
11. Soothe acne: Some acne sufferers swear by washing their faces with green tea because of its mildly antiseptic properties. Dr. Andrew Weil suggests washing with calendula flower tea as a natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide.
12. Tenderize meat: Marinate tough meat in black tea to make it more tender.
13. Add to compost: Pouring strong tea into a compost bin will help speed up the process and encourage more friendly bacteria to grow, improving the compost.
14. Help houseplants: Occasionally use brewed tea instead of water to feed ferns and other houseplants that like rich, acidic soil. Spread used tea leaves around rosebushes, then add mulch and water. The tannic acid and other nutrients will benefit the plants. A few used teabags in the bottom of a planter can help the soil retain water, and adds valuable nutrients.
15. Dye fabrics: Green and black teas have long been used in dyes for fabric and paper, particularly for generating a beige, faux-antique look.

Have a great day visiting all the wonderful tea related blogs and link up to the linky at the bottom. Hope your cuppa is a great one!

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  1. I love the photos of the teacups. So beautiful. Your tips with tea are terrific! I am so happy I stopped by. Thank you and please have a terrific week.

  2. Wonderfully sweet tea cups! Funny idea to use copper for casting of cupake. Interestingly, with great tips to use with tea. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

  3. Great ideas, Ruth! I must try the marinating idea. Your teacup is lovely. Hope your allergies slow down soon. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ruth, I had no idea there were so many things one can do with tea...however, I plan to save mine for drinking! I do put my used tea leaves and bags into the compost though. You have shown a pretty tea cup and I like the cupcakes in the cups too. Have a great week!

  5. Your tea cup is so dainty. Love the idea of cupcakes in a a teacup and your list of uses for tea is great! I'll have to copy and print! Happy Tea Day~

  6. What a beautiful and informative post! I love the information - I do apply tea grounds and coffee grounds in my garden - I will love to try the tea on the wood floor! Fabulous!

  7. Hello Ruth
    You could say tea is a cure all for most things. Your cup and saucer are pretty and I really like the idea of the cupcakes in teacups.

  8. What a delightfully informative post, Ruth! Your cup is sweet - but the cupcakes in the teacup is sweeter! Great idea! And, all those uses for tea? Sounds like baking soda and vinegar have some competition!

  9. what a fun informative post! I love it all. Hope you are feeling better, allergies can be so very pesky.

  10. Love the teacup! I knew about 2 of the tea uses, not the others. How fun! Happy TCT!

  11. Oh I love your post, the tea cup is a sweet vintage beauty! And your tea hints are all great. Love the cupcake in a tea cup idea as well.

  12. So sorry your allergies have you stuck inside. At least you have pretties , like this sprigged teacup, and tea to keep you company.

    The cupcake idea is lovely. Thank you for giving credit for where you found the idea. Not only does it sound like a great place to visit, but it is nice to see someone using "blogger manners".

    Thanks for the cleaning hints too!

  13. fantastic list of use for tea! wow ~ helpful ;)
    and such a dainty teacup ~ lovely!
    i have a vintage set up today ~
    let me know what you think of it...

  14. Hi!
    I'm your newest Linky follower :)

    Your tea cup set is so pretty and such a fun idea putting the cupcakes in the teacup! Thank You for sharing and I hope you have a blessed day!


  15. Hi Ruth,
    the tea cups are really nice and the cupcakes are so sweet displayed. Really gorgeous idea. I didn't knew that used te leaves are so versatile to use. Thank you for sharing those helpful tipps.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  16. Pretty, Pretty Ruth ..Sweet new set and a yummy too...Cute idea...( Ha ha)...So sorry your allergies are acting up !!!!

    Yes I have use many of those teatime remedies especially the teabag for swollen eyes...It really works.. Thanks for a delightful post...Hugs

  17. WOW! This was a helpful and informative blog post! Thanks for all those excellent ideas!

    Thank you, also for hosting a wonderful linky party.

    You have a wonderful blog and it is always a joy to make a visit.

  18. Such a pretty teacup you are sharing with us today!! Love the idea of using teacups as cupcake holders .. how creative!!! xo HHL

  19. The cupcakes served in the tea cups is super sweet! And I learned some new things by reading your list of things one can do with tea!

    So nice stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  20. Hello Ruth...hope you feel better soon! Our pollen count is sky high too~ Your teacup is sweet and charming. Love your cupcake idea and list of things to do with tea. I do almost all of the things on your list! lol
    thanks for hosting~

  21. Thankyou for hosting such a charming party. It is so fun being apart of it.

    Also thankyou for coming to my blog.I was thrilled that you liked my spring birthday parties. It means so much to me that you came and posted a comment. That was so kind and thoughtful of you! I am now following you. Your blog is simply delightful. I love it and can't wait to check out of alot of your posts.


  22. Wow! What great hints for using tea!
    Your cup is very pretty and the cup-cake idea is really lovely.
    I hope your allergy problems disappear quickly for you!
    Thanks for linking up, Ruth :-)

  23. Hi RRuth,
    The hints for using tea leaves are fabulous....Thanks for sharing them
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  24. Hi Ruth, I just adore the teacup cupcake idea! How fun is that? Interesting list of helpful hints...need to run that one off. It's cold and wet here...ugh.


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