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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shamrock Tea Strainer, Shelley China Green and White Art Deco Teacup

Hi there. As St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching I sticking to an Irish these. I am joining Teacup Thursday with Miss Spencer and Vintage Thingie Thursday with Colorado Lady today. So here is my teacup...a green and white Shelley China, England cup and saucer made between 1940-1966 for the Canadian market in an unamed pattern and the Oxford shape. 

I love Shelley and especially love their art deco shapes. I love the handle!

And to go with it...a vintage thingie German tea strainer that has a shamrock cut in the handle! How cute is that! 

This cute little strainer dates to the 1930-1940s, and if you don't know what a tea strainer does...it strains tea! How about that!  The strainer is positioned over your teacup and the tea poured from the teapot into the cup catching any stray tea leaves there might be. Doesn't work with tea bags, but...

This is a photo of the tea being poured through a tea strainer at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in London, England. Another wonderful vintage tea themed Vintage Thingie!

Have fun visiting the other blog party participants, and have a cuppa with a friend!


  1. Hello Ruth! Oooh, nice cup, pretty strainers! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Hello,
    I like your Shelley cup and saucer. The green is a lovely shade and I really like the stripes. It's nice that the handle has an oval in it to contrast the stripes
    God Bless
    Barb from australia

  3. Oh the tea strainer's shamrock is cute. That's a lovely shade of green on your tea cup.

  4. What a great little tea cup, I love the color. And that tea strainer...wish I could find one to give to my friend who goes nuts over anything with a shamrock. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Things do not have to have a name to be pretty. The cup is perfect for St.Patric's Day. I have never seen a tea strainer like that.

  6. Well, if this lovely cup does not have a real name, then I think we should come up with one. How's that? My suggestion would be "Top of the Mornin' ".

    Love the shamrock tea strainer. I missed a chance at an antique tea strainer in my favorite shop the other day. Someone else snagged it first. It was sooooo sad. You would think that with the shamrock it would be from Ireland. Germany, imagine that!

  7. Hello Ruth,
    I, too, love Art Deco shapes and decorations.
    The Shelley cup and saucer is beautiful in its simplicity and I would think it was older because of the registration number and the inscription "England" instead of "Made in England"...
    I also loved seeing that German tea strainer with the shamrock. As to the other one, I have one like that, but it's seldom used because of tea bags... It's a shame isn't it?

  8. Fun vintage thingies..the tea strainer is wonderful. I also love that first teacup--I think I like it even more than the fancy floral ones that I'm so used to seeing in antique shops and at flea markets.

  9. I love the cup and saucer! The shade of green is fabulous!

  10. Love the tea strainer- your shamrock design is something I've never seen and until this moment I didn't know I needed it. ;)

    I had sentimental attachment to my old strainer - but yours is a keeper. Happy Thursday.

  11. Green is always inspiring .... such a pretty cup and saucer.....The fine lines really remind me of the freshness of Spring.....That vintage strainer is just adorable and definitely a treasure... that I'd love to find.( ha ha) Lovely post...Hugs

  12. HI Ruth, what a different and interesting teacup. I so enjoy your wonderful blog and all your delightful goodies.
    Thanks for the info.

  13. That shamrock strainer is too cute! Never saw one with that design. And the striped tea cup is new to me also.


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