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Monday, January 31, 2011

Teacup Tuesday, Romance postcard, Dunoon red poppies mug

February begins and hearts turn to valentines, the color red and TEACUP TUESDAY!!!

My teacup choice today for Teacup Tuesday with Terri & Martha and Rose Chintz Cottage, Teapot & Tea Things Tuesday and many others is a vintage Wedgwood England Moss Rose pattern teacup in Queen's Ware and the Edme shape from the 1940s. I love the elegant, classic lines. Moss Rose was produced from the early 18th century in various incarnations by hundreds of different potters, and Wedgwood is one of the finest quality examples.

To see more of the teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click this link:
Wedgwood Moss Rose Teacup

I love old postcards and there are wonderful ones for Valentine's Day. This is of the Real Photo Romance genre of antique postcards and dates to the Edwardian age...like Downton Abbey! Didi you see the last episode??? WELL...no...that's another post....

This isn't exactly a teacup with a saucer...but a teacup it can be filled with assam or darjeeling! It's by Dunoon England in a pattern called Buckingham and was made in 2002. I just love it!   Dunoon is a favorite place to visit in the town of Stone, England just outside of Stoke-on-Trent when we are in England. They used to stock lots of English cottage designs that we sold for years in our bricks and mortar antique & tea items shop and were so sorry when they fazed them out about 6 years ago. Sigh...

As a Teacup Tuesday relative newbie...I have a question....where do you get the linky things and should I have one as well??? You probably think, duh...but I don't know. Would love comments & instructions!  I'm someone pretty non-techie & am blown away by all your blogs and how beautiful they are. Mine's kinda utilitarian, but fun to do!

To see more about this mug at Antiques And Teacups click this link:
Dunoon Buckingham Poppies mug

By the way we are running a special at Antiques And Teacups, A Valentine's Day 10% discount coupon...just use code LOVE! May be reused through February.

Fighting off a bit of a bug today, so hope a good night's sleep and some vitamin C takes care of it! Have a great time visiting all the teacups and share a cup with a friend!


  1. this is too fun, RUth!
    i've stayed in stone with friends and stoke on trent - housesat for others! amazing.
    visit mr linky, sign in, go to the wizard tab & you'll be given a code for whatever style of linky you'd like - with or without photo.
    email me if you need more info -
    just added another tonite for our TeaCup Trade Party ... thx for being part of it !!

  2. Your Teacup is beautiful - the Moss Rose is so delicate. Your second cup is lovely as well - but I am partial to roses so the first is my favorite.
    I'm no tech geek either - so I'm not sure I can answer your questions - but I would say just to participate in any one or all of the tea event -you don't need to set up a link - if you did wish to have a link back to the sponsoring blog you could do that by using the hyperlink app that is on the posting box area.


  3. Your tea cup and saucer are lovely! It is simple yet beautiful.
    You don't need a linky to play along, you only need a linky of your own if you are initiating your own party. If you want to start your own party, go to Mr. Linky and sign up.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

  4. Ruth, your cups are lovely....Wedgwood is wonderful, and your cup/saucer is simple, yet elegant. The flower design on you tea mug is so pretty. Thank you for sharing these lovely items.

    I didn't know how to do Mr. Linky, either, so thank you, Terri.

    Ruth, get well NOW (I don't like to say soon - why wait?) I do hope your recovery is speedy.

    Have a restful, restoring day,

    Marianne (o)

  5. Super beautiful post..gorgeous! Charming and poetic!!
    Happy tea!

  6. Hi: What a beautiful tea cup. I have never seen a Wedgewood like this one. It is just stunning. Thank you for sharing it with us. Blessings, Martha

  7. Love the simplicity of your teacup. Enjoy your blog in whatever way you want. Glad to have you join us! Look forward to seeing you soon.
    Be healthy!

    PS Loved the movie too!!!!

  8. Both are lovely,Nice to join you for tea.

  9. Hi Ruth,
    Your teacups are lovely! I especially love the first one; so pretty! I wish I had known you were participating in my tea party this week. The collection is closed now and alas, you didn't get your link up with me. Hopefully next week you 'll be able to join us there. I hope you're feeling better. Take care!



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