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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rosina Teacup Artist Signed Glorious Hand Painted, Valentine Teacup Swap

Well it's not an official teacup share day, but as the title of my blog and shop attest, Antiques And Teacups, it's ALWAYS a day for teacups!

I love this cup and saucer because of the artist signed work which truly makes it a work of art. The teacup is signed A. Bentley, and I have tried to find out more about him or her and can't. Some potteries had great records kept and you can look up artists, but Rosina or Queens, England doesn't have those sorts of public records available. The design by the artist is applied and then the artist has hand painted it in. Lovely!  Rosina is one of my favorite makers. The perfect cup and saucer for my Darjeeling which is my current afternoon favorite...Ty Phoo in the morning!

For more photos, info or to purchase  at Antiques And Teacups visit:
Rosina artist signed cup and saucer

For those of you who might be interested (lots, I hope) Faith, Hope and Cherry Tea has organized a Teacup Swap for Valentine's Day. How fun is that! Just visit her blog and let her know you want to participate and she'll set you up. Click the photo, her blog name or I will have this photo with a link on my sidebar.

Have a great day! We are having a holiday starting Friday, so I have to get organized!!!


  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous tea cup! LOVE it.

  2. Pretty teacups! Thanks for visiting my blog today. For sure come back Friday to see I was very close last week, just no time to see anyone but my mother in law.


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