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Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas antique postcard & Martin Gulliver polka dot eggcup

Merry Christmas
My wish
is just a cordial
one, kind and true
That Christmas be
A happy day for you

  My antique postcard for today from Antiques And Teacups was mailed in 1935 and what a great art deco design...very different from the earlier postcards we have shared. They are such a window on the times! This postcard was sent to Rev. Woodward in Manchester, Conn from Florida...obviously a snowbird!  You can see more info on the card at: art deco 1930s lavender Christmas postcard

I love the way the English do things...guess that's because I was raised that way...and have been a big fan of boiled eggs in eggcups having been raised on "eggies & soldiers", or soft boiled eggs served in an eggcup accompanied by toast cut into narrow strips that fit into the top of the egg to dip into the yolk which you finish before eating the white. So...I loved this unusal modern English set of a tall eggcup and small under plate. The plate won't work for the soldiers, but it will be great for drips.

The eggcup and matching plate set are by English designer Martin Gulliver in primary color polka dots. LOVE it! Here's to breakfast with style! You can read more about it here:

It's quite windy here today but fairly clear...no rain until later today. Well...off to the post office with some orders after me egg 'n soldiers! Have a great day!

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