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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Antique Christmas postcard of the day at Antiques And Teacups Victorian Celery Vase

Time for our daily antique Christmas postcard at Antiques And Teacups. The card today is another B. B. London German printed postcard that was mailed in 1914. The embossed Christmas card has a lovely verse to go with the depiction of a cozy fireside chair. For more info visit:
Postcard Christmas Greetings Hearth Chair Poem 1914

The poem reads:
Christmas Greeting
and remember
When you've nothing
more to do
There's a chair before
the Fireside
And a Welcome warm
for You

     And thinking about Victorian Christmas dinners----which I was earlier this morning---I want to share a mid Victorian flint glass celery vase. The Victorians were famous for having a separate server for everything, and that includes the humble celery. Celery was cut and served in a celery vase with ice or if not available cold water to keep it crisp and fresh. The EAPG or Early American Pattern Glass celery vase in the Loop or O'Hara pattern and Tulip shape would have matched the other glass at the table and although humble, the celery vase was a well made piece of flint crystal. How fun!
     Today, many are used for actual vases and make great decorative accents! Considering this one dates to 1850-1870 it's had a great life and isn't done yet! LOVE those Victorians!

To find out more visit:

     Today is going to be sort of a kick back day...my honey is watching non stop English football matches (soccer to Yanks) and I think I'll do some baking. I also want to finish the Christmas cards that need to go to England...I'm a bit late, but they will be there on time. Wind and rain today, and a Christmas party with friends to look forward to this evening. Hope your day is as filled with seasonal activity and warmth (literal and figurative)!

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