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Friday, December 17, 2010

Antique Christmas postcard of the day at Antiques And Teacups

Well life hit back yesterday and busted my daily schedule to pieces yeaterday, so I didn't get back to post my daily antique postcard. Sigh...but it was serendipitous as well, so that's all right. Met new friends over tea and got a candy cane from Santa! What more can one ask for during the holiday season!!!

I think this is such an elegant Christmas postcard with the English greeting A Happy Christmas. The embossed postcard has silver metallic, a snow scene vignette...I love vignettes...it's why I love the Aesthetic Movement Victorian items as well. The postcard is another B.B. London design printed in Germany where the best were made at that time and was postally mailed in 1914 in Wilton, Maine. LOVE it!!!

Amazing to think the world was small enough that it was written in pencil and just addressed to Mrs. Raymond Moody, Wilton, Maine and that was enough. Probably everyone in town knew everyone else.  We lived for a number of years in a small mountain community of 1700 during the winter and pretty well knew everyone in town. Sort of like that...but no longer the case for most of the country.
To see the postcard at Antiques And Teacups click here:

Happy Christmas Embossed Postcard Best Wishes Snow Ivy

Off to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping, and maybe a bit of antiquing as well...you never know! Have a wonderful day, enjoy the serendipitous happenings in your day and stop to enjoy the glitter of the Christmas decorations...who knows...Santa may hand YOU a candy cane!

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