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Monday, March 9, 2020

Irish Shamrock Tea Tray For St. Patrick's Day

I think it's been said, that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day....
and I had that is mind for my tea tray this week...

I usually have a few Shamrock patterned pieces around, so figured this was the perfect time for them!

It's always nice thinking about St. Patrick's Day because it is late in March and April and spring is in sight!

Last week, I shared the white and gold Golden Crocus pattern by Aynsley, England... and this week the maker and shape is the same, the Crocus shape, but the pattern is...


And if you have followed this blog, you may remember that I have mentioned that not all designs are exclusive to specific potteries, but that a number of decal makers sell their designs to potteries who don't have their own designers or the facilities to make their own...
Look carefully at the Shamrocks above on the Aynsley teapot, then here is the teacup and saucer... but by another maker...

The pattern is identical, although made in this case by Salisbury, England.
Both pieces were made in the 1950s, and sourced the Shamrock pattern from the same place.
Aynsley was not related at this point to Salisbury, but the pattern was also used on Royal Stafford which was a sibling of Salisbury under Thomas Poole.
I love when I find a pattern I recognize from another maker!
Such fun... and so easy to coordinated pieces for a look if you don't mind differing maker's marks.

I made a package of Irish Fruit Scones I got for Christmas, and Thompson's Irish Breakfast Tea which is a blend I like.

I put some scones out on a Wedgwood green and white jasperware pedestal comport or tazza which was the perfect size for the tea tray....

No shamrocks, grapevines actually, but I don't have much that us green...

And am using a spare Shelley Dainty Shamrock saucer as a plate...

I added some sweet 1950s Holmes & Edwards, USA Silver Fashion butter knives for spreading Irish butter on the scones...

And on the Aynsley cup and saucer... in a swirl shape, not the Crocus shape, we have something to strain the tea...

This aluminum tea strainer has a 4 leaf clover cut out on the finial!
So cute! 
Funny thing, it was made in Germany in the 1930s.

And to hold some jam for the scones... I found this little crystal jam dish... I thought it reminded me of a Hedgehog, which I love... it has eyes and a snout and was made by Anchor Hocking in the 1970s, bur may be a marriage of the bottom of a fish dish with another lid... but I think it's cute!

And lastly for a cream and sugar for the tea...

a large individual cream and sugar from 1963 by Wedgwood, England in green and white jasperware.

You don't see the green and white quite as often. This set has the same marks as the pedestal compost. 
So sweet!

Thanks for joining me for tea, and I hope you have a marvelous St. Patrick's Day and wish you all the luck and blessings of the Irish!


  1. Oh my!Amazing post!That gorgeous tea set made me swoon!Pretty embroideries too.The vintage cards are so cute... Always a pleasure stopping by!

  2. Beautiful collection of Shamrock tea ware and antique St. Pat's postcards!

  3. What beautiful treasures! Everything looks perfect for a St. Patrick's celebration!

  4. What a lovely setting for March 17th. Everything is so beautiful.


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