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Monday, March 16, 2020

Irish Farewell Welcoming Spring Social Distancing

Last week in March page from a Marjolein Bastin diary calendar from a few years ago...

Hope you have a lovely St. Patrick's Day tomorrow...I made corned beef and cabbage this last weekend in my Crock-Pot Express Pot Instant Pot which turned out very well... it's an appliance I use A LOT!

And enjoying the Shamrock patterned teacups before they disappear 'til next year...

And our last Irish treats for dessert last night...a friend gave us some little cupcakes with green frosting and shamrock sprinkles...so cute...and tasty!
And I know you've seen my Shelley Shamrock teacup before....

The saucer is one of my Shelley spares... a Melody Chintz... used because it is predominantly green.

So Saint Patrick's Day is past, and Thursday March 19th is the official meterological first day of spring...are you ready?

From Victoria magazine...a quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow...

If spring came but once
in a century, instead of once a year,
or burst forth with the sound
of an earthquake, and not in silence,
what wonder and expectation
would there be in all our hearts
to behold the miraculous change.

I COULD wish it didn't have the accompanying pollen, but....especially when this year with the COVID-19 every sneeze and runny nose is looked at askance. Being a lifetime allergy sufferer it is distressing!
Caring for my husband with Parkinson's Disease and already underlying respiratory issues is concerning.
For the last week we have been on social distancing... missing neighborhood parties, etc., but it is what we need to do.

But... we have each other, a full pantry, even Toilet paper! Lol!
And are well supplied with tea. We are drinking our usual black with green and ginger, so we are quite happy reading and enjoying a bit of an enforced break.
Our daughter and son in law are due to arrive here on April 1st in their trailer from Utah while they build on the property this summer, but I am wondering if that will be delayed... we will just have to see.

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  1. I never get tired of looking at your beauties! Happy St. Patrick's Day! God bless you and your husband.


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