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Monday, February 24, 2020

February Ends Spring Smiles Lily Of The Valley Time

It may be the end of February... 
but storms are still raging. We lost power all weekend from wind, hence the delay in posting!
but our bulbs are up...
maybe not blooming yet but growing vigorously!

And I am looking forward to it as always... except for the pollen and allergies. Pollen levels are already medium here for some things...

I have snowdrops up, but not Lily of The Valley yet... but have it blooming on some china!

I had a few Macarons left from an anniversary gift, so had a tea in the sunroom...

I found this wonderful Elizabethan, England 1950s cup and saucer and a matching plate in a wonderful Lily Of The Valley pattern recently...

Elizabethan finally ceased in 1989, but had a wonderful pedigree of Taylor and Kent, Queens and Rosina, and made nice quality bone china tea wares during it's life.

The pattern has a name, but no records exist to know if it had a pattern name as well... One of the things I love about Shelley...

I looked to see if I had any antique postcards with Lily Of The Valley, and found these 2 Victorian era cards. One was used as gift enclosures or hand delivered with birthday wishes, as it was not postally used. The other was mailed.
I LOVE old postcards!

This one is embossed and a copper metallic, and just beautiful!

This  one was mailed in 1909... a sender of few words...

This charming birthday postcard is just wonderful!
Not maybe Lily Of The Valley, but...
Love the scene!

This one was not mailed, so was given by hand...with or without a gift.
Truly keepsakes indeed!
And judging by the handwriting and ink as well as features of the card, from the same era.

Now THAT'S a Lily Of The Valley treasure!

Diamond, gold, Nephrite Jade and Pearl brooch... 
photo from Doyle Auctions...

Have a lovely week and lots of tea!


  1. Gorgeous teacup and adorable cards!Stunning brooch too,really breathtaking...Blessings,dear Ruth!

  2. What a beautiful lily of the valley tea cup!! And the post cards are charming!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. My birth month is May and I found a lovely Royal Albert teacup and saucer that has Lily of the Valley on it along with the word May on the inside with a spray of flowers. Then Love the set! I came across the matching spoon and egg cup. Of course I had to have it. It's only one setting but that's all I wanted. I crocheted a large white doily trimmed with variegated greens to set my plate on. I love old postcards too but don't have too many. My Lily of the Valley is never in bloom until around mid-June so I had to buy a silk bouquet to put on the table on my birthday. Have a great day

  4. Lily-of-the-Valley is oh so pretty in the garden but even more beautiful on a teacup! Can't wait until ours blooms! The fragrance is intoxicating.

  5. What a lovely tea time. I have some lily in the valley which thrive in my garden despite my less than green thumb!

  6. What a quite enjoyable post. Our Lily of The Valley do not bloom until May on the East Coast. The cup is gorgeous with the Lily of The Valley design is lovely.

  7. Reading the whole article was very enjoyable and made me feel light at heart. The cup design having the pattern of the Lily of The Valley was extraordinary to see. Highly value you showcasing the post cards that were hand delivered and written by hand from those times. The painting in the front of the birthday card looks handmade too though not the Lily of the Valley. Thank you Ruth.

  8. Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture of tea. The most impressive thing in the picture is the teacup. Food is complete when it is served in an impressive vessel. So is the music, it serves beauty and charm to any occasion.


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