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Monday, February 17, 2020

Our 46th Anniversary! So Grateful! Welbeck Chintz, Sadler Teapot and Fancy Cupcakes! Oh my!

February 16, 1974 I married the love of my life... and 46 years later... still together!
So grateful for every year we can share together, in sickness and health, still as one.

This little vignette tea was done for Valentine's Day. The red seems to arrive early and linger a bit as it always encompasses our anniversary as well.

I've used the Sadler, England Brigadoon landscape red transferware teapot I recently acquired...

Made in England in the 1970s, before they too moved out of the country...
love the Scottish landscape with castle design!

I think I mentioned, that while I may have a cup and saucer for tea my Honey always has a mug as it is easier for him with the Parkinson's Disease. Well my teacup today was this pretty Royal Winton Grimwades Welbeck Chintz teacup.

Although the pattern itself originated in 1932, the pattern was reissued in 1995 and retailed through Victoria magazine...
here is a page from 1998 December issue when Victoria was selling it...

Here is the issue and page. I have had and sold many items of the pattern, and they don't stay around much! The last was a pair of candleholders that sold last Christmas...

But I digress... back to teatime!

My husband's tea-mug-of-choice was a Valentine mug by Crown Trent, England bone china mug gifted us a few years ago...  Perfect for this weekend!

His tea choice was Marks and Spencers Gold blend we got with our Christmas Brit import order. He like it, and I like it better than their ususal blend. This has a bit more depth of flavour.

As it was Valentine's day, we had shortbread hearts and macarons... a tasty afternoon tea indeed!

And for our anniversary on Sunday the 16th, we had picked up some of the lovely cupcakes form our local award winning That Takes The Cake bakery here in Sequim...

We got 2 each of 3 flavors...
Coconut cream... my Honey's favorite...
Almond Poppy Seed
Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt...
although all their flavors are lovely...
special occasions only!

So hoping your weekend was as special as ours!

And Happy President's Day!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Love the Valentine tea vignette and yummy cupcakes.

  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary! I remember Victoria selling that china! It's lovely and seeing how pretty your teacup is, I'm going to have to keep my eye out for that pattern and hopefully find myself a teacup!

    Your cupcakes sound and look like a delightful treat!

  3. Your photo is absolutely amazing!Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous teapot,I love it! Those candles and teacup are stunning too...Delightful post!Blessings and best wishes!

  4. Happy Anniversary ! How wonderful and a great celebration so many years together in a happy and blessed marriage.
    I love your bride pic, so handsome you both.
    The Sadler teapot is gorgeous, as is that adorable teacup. You have such beautiful things dear friend.
    We will be 45 years married exactly a week from today, Feb. 25th.
    Best wishes for many years more of happiness together.

  5. I hope you and your husband had a wonderful anniversary and thanks for sharing your lovely picture.
    The china and cupcakes are all beautiful!
    Blessings, Linda


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