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Monday, August 12, 2019

Afternoon Tea Week so Pot Pourri Of Tea Things And A Birthday!

Still summer here... although a bit of rain yesterday, which we needed.
And in the U.K., not only has Premier League English football (soccer) started but it is Afternoon Tea Week!


And we have a British tea treats stash!
Jaffa Cakes... the orange and chocolate biscuits I blogged about recently...
HobNobs... our favourite EVER British biscuit... dark chocolate on an oat wholemeal biscuit
and Battenburg Cakes... layered and chessboard assembled cakes covered in a marzipan layer.

And my birthday was the last few days... so my husband got me... really us... 6 decorated cupcakes from our local award winning bakery That Takes The Cake.

and, like a dodo... I forgot to take a photograph until we were down to the last 2 today... sigh...

These are... in the package... Lemon Limon, and the one on the plate is Champagne French Vanilla.
We also had my husband's favorite Coconut Cream Supreme, Almond Poppy Seed Cream, and 2 chocolates... one a chocolate mint and one for my Honey a chocolate coconut hazlenut cream.

And for tea, I am just finishing up a Harney and Sons Anniversary Blend tea... a nice robust black tea.

The china is the Green Georgian pattern teacup trio by Allertons, England from the 1930s. It came in other colors too, but we only have green at the moment.

And speaking of Harney and Sons tea, a week or so ago I replenished our stock of tea from Harney's. as we are making iced tea from our favorite green blends, Tropical Green and Green Tea With Coconut. And when the order came, we were gifted with a 50 sachet bag of their Organic English Breakfast, a blend we keep on hand as a staple for us.

Such a nice surprise!

So, lots of lovely tea things this week for Afternoon Tea week... hope there are lots in your week as well!


  1. What a Happy Birthday! And a whole week celebrating Afternoon Tea! Wonderful!

  2. Well, Happy (belated) Birthday to you! Looks like you celebrated in terrific tea style. And I loved seeing all those treats, particularly those yummy-looking cupcakes and Battenberg cake. Had never seen one you could just buy like that! I'm a fan of Hobnobs as well, so I can see that you had some tasty birthday treats.


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