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Thursday, July 14, 2016

I think I need some more books.....

Found this image of books and teacups on Pinterest...seems to reflect my life...I got my first adult library card when I was 5...having grown out of the children's section, and my parents patience...and it hasn't changed.

I inherited a lovely Winthrop drop front, bookcase top cherry secretary from my aunt, and it is loaded...with books I can't part with...and re-read frequently...

they include my Elizabeth Goudge books, many searched for in small bookstores in the UK on our annual visits, that I was unable to find here in the US...Jan Karon's Father Tim book series too...

And the entire series of Miss Read books about Fairacre and Thrush Green, and the beloved worlds of the Cotswolds so close to my and my husband's families...also searched for and collected here and there....

They are reissuing them for Kindle, and I am buying those when they have them for free of .99, but even then, I can't bear to part with these, so diligently sought for and collected. This is in our bedroom, and there are 3 more bookshelves housing beloved English Golden Age mystery series books, tea room mysteries, Rosamund Pilcher's books, Angela Thirkell and other books that are just, well, a part of who I am.....

An English toast...but I am raising a cuppa... 
"Here's to us,
More's like us!"

Join me Monday for my Tuesday Cuppa Tea linky tea party...I'll be reporting on my afternoon tea at the Sequim Lavender Festival!


  1. I love this post as I was just going through all my cookbooks this morning. Your books looking wonderful! Never too many!

  2. I loved seeing all your books! One can never have TOO many!

  3. LOVE your secretary desk, Ruth! I used to fantasize about having a library with ladders like the one featured on Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

  4. I love your desk. My daughter bought a similar one at an antique store a few years ago. I was doing a little de-cluttering today, and thought, I can de-clutter everything but my books and teacups!! I actually turned my laptop sideways to see the titles of your books, many of my favorites, too. Love Elizabeth Goudge and Miss Read, and I've been collecting them as well. I have never read any Angela Thirkell. I will have to look for her. xo Deborah


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