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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tuesday Cuppa Tea - Tea On A Cruise Ship

Hi and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! This week is sort of a tea post with a holiday report....

Our favorite holiday is on a cruise ship...since my first one in 1967 around the Greek Isles with my Aunt Ruth on a Greek line called Epirotiki...and then starting to cruise with my husband on a Mediterranean cruise in 1984. We did some tours before that, and a round that, but suddenly we realized we liked the unpacking once and sheer relaxation on a ship...so different from our normal lives. Then with my husband's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, we realized how perfect it was...a holiday he could continue to enjoy despite his increasing difficulties....and I get no cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping...you know! Definitely a win for us!

So at the end of February we took a 10 day Mexico cruise round trip San Francisco on the Grand Princess...a ship we had been on before on a cruise to Hawai'i a couple of years ago.  And it has a small tea salon called Leaves...for 2 reasons...because it is also the library on the ship.

Although the library is open 24 hours, the tea area with tea sommelier is only open for a few set hours on sea days. And I think they may be eventually eliminating it althogether because the last time we were on this ship to Hawaii, there was a more extensive tea menu with sampling flights and a domed tray showcasing the blends in bowls...but that wasn't there this cruise. I tried to find my photos of the last, but couldn't find them.

There were still most of the major types of tea available, but not as many as I remember, and the tea drawers are mostly for show now.

And of course sweet treats are available. The Leaves is a pay venue, $3.95 for a pot and whatever sweets you want, but there is also afternoon tea at no charge in the dining room each day...but...where we used to have few folks wanting to go, mostly women, now there is a long line waiting, and we tend to give it a miss. Although we did go on the 2nd day, and they poured us tea...but it had lemon already in it, so when my Homey, in typically British fashion poured cream into his tea...it was quite strong...the cream immediately curdled...we had quite a laugh...obviously not used to the real way to serve tea, but apparently most folks didn't know!

But with tea such a part of my life, I always begin each morning early with a pot of Organic Darjeeling in the International Cafe in the atrium with my iPad to check email and read...very quiet in the morning...while my Honey sleeps to get his medications into his system....

On this cruise, our 42nd anniversary had been a couple of weeks before, and although we had booked an obstructed oceanview cabin, they upgraded us to the Marc Polo Suite!

The cabin was huge, with a separate sitting room, and a huge bathroom!

There were a lot of other extra perks too...like a cooked to order breakfast in a specialty restaurant, Sabbatinis, and lots of other things. Probably the only time we will ever be in one!

As it was a Mexico cruise, there were mariachis onboard playing every day, the Nationale Ballet Folklorica came on a performed in Puerto Vallarta, and as part of their Festivals Of The World program which matches the port, there was a Day Of The Dead festival one day and evening sea day, as you can see with the decorated atrium...

One of our favorite places on this ship is a covered alcove on the aft of deck 15 overlooking the aft pool with rattan chairs, plants and fans...perfect place to sit in warm weather....and it was in the mid 70s when we sailed from San Francisco...

And here was the view from a window in our suite when we sailed out under the Golden Gate Bridge just before dinner...

And amazingly...a live Orchid plant in our room!  The weather was very different the day we arrived back....our kids photographed the ship going out that afternoon after we got off as they were driving back to Marin after spending the day with us prior to us flying home us...there was a huge storm brewing.

And just a couple from the voyage...we didn't get off the ship. You folks used to warmer temps will laugh, but it was upper 80s in Mexico, and that's too warm for us!  This next is coming into Puerto Vallarta early in the morning...

The outdoor pool area as I went to the Lido buffet for a large hot water for tea early in the morning....my other choice instead of the downstairs cafe...with my PG Tips teabags from home!

So they we go...hopefully you didn't mind being armchair travelers...and I hope you had a cuppa along for the trip!  I apologize for not visiting everyone this week...I do our home and business taxes, and the extra time on the computer caused my back to kick up again, so I have limited my time on computer...almost done with THAT chore!  I am joining:

Here is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit! Thanks so much for joining me for tea!


  1. Hi Ruth, that looks wonderful! And the tea salon, never heard of it but looks great too! Glad you enjoyed yourselves. We have never been on a cruise ship and my daughter is wanting to go on a cruise in a couple of years when she graduates from high school, so we shall see.
    Thanks so much for hosting and have a wonderful week,

  2. My dear Ruth,
    what a stunning holiday you remember in this wonderful post of yours !

    Hope your week is off to a great start, I wish you wonderful days to come, sweet friend,
    thanking you sincerely for hosting me once more.

    With love


  3. How nice for you and your hubby to enjoy cruises, Ruth. My late beloved and I went on two cruises and we loved them. Having a tea salon would be an added bonus. Wouldn't it be fun to go on a tea party cruise? Thanks for hosting and I hope your back gets better.

  4. What fun you have had on those cruises, Ruth! Hubby and I have never been on one but we have friends who go every year. The meals would be a treat for me too. Thank you for a glimpse of your travels on the water and have a beautiful day. Thanks for hosting.


  5. My husband and I love to cruise too! I so enjoyed seeing pictures of the ship. We've never taken a cruise from the Western US and I do hope one day we are able to. We are also huge tea drinkers; however, it has never occurred to me once to take my own tea bags on a cruise! What a fabulous tip!! We've taken snacks and bottled water but never thought about tea bags. I can't wait for our next cruise now! Happy Monday! :)

  6. What a wonderful cruise experience! The tea salon sounds wonderful. I was so disappointed on our Princess cruise's afternoon tea when sailing to Vancouver. They only offered Lipton. Your cabin was like a palace. So glad you were upgraded for your anniversary.

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. My husband has wanted to do a cruise, but I've been reluctant. I do like the idea of a real vacation for me, too, with no cleaning or cooking etc...

    I'm glad for you that cruising is something you both can do together and enjoy! That's a real gift.

  8. What a beautiful cruise ship, and I can't get over the size of the cabin and bathroom! I've not been on a cruise, yet, but my SIL and her husband LOVE to cruise. . .we may decide to join them some year. The tea room and servings is such a wonderful idea. I never would have guessed that there would be so much to do on board, and can see now that one would not necessarily have to leave the ship in order to have a good time. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  9. I've never gone cruising so I enjoy living vicariously through your aquatic sojourns, Ruth! These luxury ships are definitely modern engineering marvels. How do these "traveling hotels" manage to float on water?!? Afternoon tea on a cruise is now on my bucket list. Thanks for hosting and good luck with the taxes!

  10. Oh how fun! Cruising is our favorite vacation too. It is very relaxing. How lucky for you to get upgraded. We must have had at least 20 cruises but never once been upgraded. We're even platinum members on Carnival and get lots of perk but would love to get upgraded someday. Pretty tea room in that ship. Thanks for hosting, Ruth!...Christine

  11. Cruising is our very favorite holiday as well - we went every year for our anniversary for 12 years, then the last two haven't gone - last year we had a daughter's wedding to pay for, and this year I seem to be using extra funds for home improvement/refreshing/new furniture, new drapes, etc. SO, my hubs just the other day said how much he misses them. Now we ALWAYS use Princess Cruise Lines, and I have been on the Grand several times. I have to say I nearly spit out my tea seeing your stateroom The Marco Polo! WOW! We never ever get upgraded, even being Platinum members and always on our anniversary! : - ( Maybe one of these days- I'd KILL for a bathtub, or even enough room to move about, haha. But we usually travel on the cheap because we are never in the room. : - )

    Now we always (well I do, he only sometimes) do the afternoon tea, but this Leaves place - it's something I missed completely - though we use the library often - weird - maybe not all the ships have it? What a GRAND idea. heh.

    Thanks for sharing, you have me totally in the mood to go on a cruise - not that it takes much. So glad your trip was a good one.

    Thanks for the party.

  12. Hello Ruth. It's lovely to meet you through Bernideen! We are recent converts to cruising and couldn't agree more. It's the best way to travel! I'm thrilled to be joining your linkup this week and will add it to my regulars to visit. Mimi xxx

  13. HI Ruth,
    Belated Happy Anniversary! What beautiful pics of your holiday. I have never been on a Cruise before but your ship looks amazing with it's large rooms and a tea room?! Just my style. I do hope that your back problems improve. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! April Blessings ! Karen

  14. What fun, and what an incredible view! I've not gone cruising before with the exception of a very small one for Mother's Day, and this looks fab! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  15. Ruth, you are so lucky to be able to take as many trips as you do. I love to travel. I am glad your anniversary was so special. The ship looks amazing. Have a wonderful week dear lady. Hugs, Martha

  16. Ruth, love the size of that room! I enjoyed reading about your cruise, but I'll never do it -- I get seasick and stay that way!

  17. Dear Ruth:
    So glad you and your hubby got to enjoy this relaxing time together. Thanks for sharing these memories and lovely journey!

  18. Hello Ruth, it is so nice to discover your lovely blog. I too love to cruise, enjoy tea and collect tea cups. I've never been on the Princess Cruise line but the library/tea salon looks fabulous. Greetings to you from southern California! Pat :)

  19. Wow that bathroom is fantastic! Thanks for hosting!


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