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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shakespeare's 452nd Birthday and 400th Anniversary of His Death

Today is another special today, there are a lot of them in April......Saturday April 23rd!

Please join me in wishing William Shakespeare Happy 452nd Birthday today, April 23!  Amazing! The most read, memorized, published and produced playwright in history! Now that's someone to celebrate! There are yearly celebrations with parades, special presentations and picnics and this year, more than usual, as it is the 400th anniversary of his death...also on his birthday!

Shakespeare's birthday is April 23, 1564...as his baptism was recorded 3 days later in his parish church register...and the day of his death is also recorded as being on April 23, 1616, on his birthday.

We know the area around Stratford well... My husband was born about 12 miles from Stratford-on-Avon in a small village called Lady Wood and it is the main route...if you avoid the motorways, which we do...to get from London through the Cotswolds to the Midlands where family lives in various villages.

The church above is Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried.

The house above is Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-on-Avon...when he died, he was recorded in the church register as William Shakespeare, gent...meaning he had become a gentleman...a note of distinction.

Shakespeare's monument Holy Trinity Church, Stratford

 Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare's sweetheart and her cottage is is short walk along the Avon from Shakespeare's birthplace and the church. Don't you just love the thatched roof?

Here is Shakespeare's grave and monument in Holy Trinity Church.  The signs were updated a couple of tears ago to metal plaques in blue enamel, but I don't have photos of the new ones, although I guess I could have found them online...He is buried alongside his wife Anne Hathaway, his mother, father and another family member whom I can't remember at the moment.

His grave stone reads...

Good Friend For Jesus Sake Forbear
To Digg The Dust Encloased Here
Bless Be Ye The Man That Spares Thes' Stones
And Curst Be He That Moves My Bones

Great article from Britain Magazine Top 10 Shakespeare Facts

Thanks for joining me for a nostalgic salute to the famous bard, and one of our favorite places....and join me for Tuesday Cuppa Tea linky party with more about Stratford-on-Avon REALLY on Tuesday this time...when I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway for my Right Royal Giveaway which closes on Sunday night, April 24th...to enter...click on this photo or go ....HERE

I will be joining Mosaic Monday with Judith at Lavender Cottage


  1. The papers are full of articles about this anniversary. Today I'm off to see the opera A Midsummer Night's Dream. We owe so much to the brilliance of Shakespeare.

  2. Dear Ruth:
    I was looking for your Sunday posting and so here I do find it and it is lovely. Your cup and saucer are delightful! Thanks for sharing and linking and I will go do your link.

  3. The works of Shakespeare were a treat in English classes way back when, I wonder if the new generation is familiar with his name?
    Anne Hathaway's cottage is quaint.


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