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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Historic Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy, Julian Fellowes New Series Belgravia

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! We have had a lovely week of warm, spring temperatures...but a Very High tree pollen count, so the tissues have been out! But...I got our taxes done and filed yesterday!  WooHoo!!!!

My tea today I am calling an Ivy Sheepy Tea, because I have a new family joining us at our home whom I want you to meet...

The table in the sunroom is set with a vintage table topper of tea cloth I have...surprise, surprise...it's blue!   But before I go further, let me introduce you to our new family members...

Aren't they darling? The sheep are made with fleece from Kathy's shepp at Spot On Cedar Pond blog...who also has an Etsy shop, as I do.

I had been meaning to get some for years, but finally did so...and I love the little cuties! Thanks Kathy!

Back o my tea party! This is the vintage tablecloth...see the little cottage? Love it!

And I made shortbread, rolled in leftover green sugar crystals...if you follow this blog I have shortbread a LOT...because if I ask my Honey what he'd like...it's his favorite, so....they are on my Mother's wedding china...Noritake Revenna  discontinued 1938.

The large teapot is a 1950s Ellgreave by Woods ironstone floral I picked up from an estate for Antiques And Teacups...excellent condition, and a nice large size....

Isn't that a pretty floral? Almost Jacobean...

Pattern nuber 894 with printed and impressed marks. But our historical element for this tea...

Is this Wedgwood cup and saucer...you may have seen it 2 weeks ago, but I didn't talk about it, waiting for this post.  Looks like a nice hand painted on transfer cup and saucer, creamware, impressed date marks to 1965....

But this is where it gets fun! The pattern is called Napoleon Ivy, because it was first made around 1800 and was the china used by Napoleon Bonaparte while he was an exile on St. Helena in 1815 after his defeat by the British and Admiral Nelson at the Battle Of Waterloo

The pattern was reissued in 1965 for the 150th year anniversary of that....

Sometimes, china can be like holding a bit of history, and this is certainly that!  I also found a video by Bitish Pathe films that was made in 1965 of the Wedgwood manufacturing processes at the pottery, and this set is shown being made in several scenes...

See? the girl in the foreground is working on a saucer...cool! I am hoping the link works below for the video, because I couldn't get it to embed correctly...so click on the The Art Of Wonderment link below to view the video.
Another 'Vintage Review' ~ this time 'The Art of Pottery'This short British Pathe film clip showcases the production of Wedgwood in Staffordshire - 1966.
Posted by The Art of Wonderment 

And for those of you...like me...missing Downton Abbey, April 14th sees the release of Julian Fellowe's new series Belgravia which will revert to a form of publishing Jane Austen and Charles Dickens knew well...books published as installments....I had ordered the first installment, which is free on Amazon for April 14th...

The Belgravia website can be found HERE

Th Belgravia Facebook page with fun facts and other posts HERE

Another great source is the Austen Prose blog, that has also introduced weekly discussions of the installments that can be found at the link below to what she is calling a Progressive blog tour:


So lots of fun things shared with you this week! Hope you enjoyed tea with me and my new sheepy friends! 

Here is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit! Thanks so much for joining me for tea!


  1. Hi Ruth, What darling new family members! How cute! Your table cloth is a great find, love the cottage on it. As always, nice tea china too. Thanks for the heads up on the new series!
    Thanks so much for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  2. I'm so in love with all the antiquities you show us in your delightful post, my darling Ruth, they're truly a joy for the eyes and for the soul !

    Thanking you most sincerely also for hosting me, and hoping your week is off to a great start, I wish you most wonderful days to come,

    with love and thankfulness


  3. I so love your darling sheep, Ruth, and I'm sighing over your cottage tablecloth! The Ivy teacup I've always admired, and thanks for the history. Yes, please, I'd love a shortbread cookie before I leave. Thanks for hosting and thanks for the information on the new series from Julian Fellowes.

  4. Ruth, I adore your wee sheep! I have long admired Kathy's little sheep and I am so happy you got them! This is a fun post and I must check out Julian Fellowe's new series. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your day.


  5. I enjoyed your tea party today and especially like those sheep!!

  6. Hi Ruth...l found your lovely blog through Caroline at Cinderella moments....What a fantastic post so interesting and your blue tablecloth is gorgeous...your new family members are sooo cute:-)

  7. Congrats on filing your taxes, Ruth! Your new sheepy friends are super cute. Thanks for hosting and sharing the interesting background on Napolean Ivy and Belgravia. I look forward to reading this new series.

  8. Hi Ruth,
    Oh I love Kathy's little sheep. They are just adorable. Your Ellegreave teapot and Wedgwood teacup are lovely and how neat that you found a pic of a gal making the saucer. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  9. Dear Ruth:
    Your Ivy cup and saucer are lovely! I think I have seen that one somewhere before and loved it. I love Ellsgreave teapots and have several. Thanks for all the info on the new series but I take it not on TV - right?

  10. What an interesting post. When I saw the china I thought 'that is Aunt Beatrice's wedding china'. As I started to read about it I was sure it couldn't be, until I read the date of the reissue - 1965, the year she married my Uncle. So, it is her wedding china, and what a treasure it is!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog. The tea room is the James Bay Tea Room. It's nice but not a patch on the White Heather, which is, in my opinion the best in town.
    The next time I'm down on Dallas Road I'll wave across to you in Sequim!!
    Thanks for following - I'm following you too.

  11. Oh I love that Wedgewood Ivy pattern. And your shortbread looks scrumptious Ruth! I hope my Nannas fruit cake is a suitable post to link. Love, Mimi xxx

  12. I love your vintage tablecloth! The pollen has been brutal here too! Thanks for hosting!

  13. Ruth, all beautiful, but there's something about ivy, isn't there! My cup and plate today belonged to my dear honorary grandma.


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