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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Green Transferware, Happy Birthday Washington State, Veteran's Day

Hi and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea...on a stormy and windy evening here in Washington State...after a stormy few days with power outages and downed trees all around...but we managed to be unscathed....

But this is the Pacific Northwest...first to get the storms that move in from the vast Pacific Ocean. This was the last of a big storm from out there in the Pacific. We are called  the Evergreen State...and there's a reason. So...I have an 1880s Antique Staffordshire green transferware teacup trio today.

The cup and saucer with matching plate is unmarked ironstone, which is normal for this era. It was not really required until 1890, when the McKinley Tariff Act required that any item entering the US must have the country of origin marked on it, and as England exported vast amounts of china and other goods to the US market, they began to comply. In the earlier 19th century, marks were only used by big, important potteries, or celebrity wannabees....

Most of the Staffordshire potteries didn't mark their wares either, although the British Registry system came into being...better known as the kite mark...in 1839 and many of the larger potteries used it.

The mark gave wonderful information about type of wares, date and manufacturer....

\These 2 graphics are from The Potteries.org...because I couldn't photograph any I had as well as these...

But...alas...this set has none..although it is pretty easy to date by material, shape and transfer type. Transferware of the 1800s get usually lumped into the term Antique Staffordshire, because that's where 99% of it was made, from hundreds of small potteries that existed. Lovely things from another time....

The reason I chose green this week IS for the Evergreen State...Washington State, because Washington was admitted to the US as a state on November 11, 1889...and this could have been sitting on a tea table as the news was celebrated.

This is our state flag......

And our state nickname.....Just a little flag waving here....

I also want to remember our veterans...of all wars...who have fought for our freedom. We owe you so much.  My second cousin is entombed on the Arizona from the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. It is an eerie place to visit, as we did again this last April...

It makes Veterans Day very close this year again, as it is for many of you as well. Thanks you...each and everyone who has served, is serving or supporting those who serve.....moving on....

For those of you who don't think you can get your tea or coffee on a cruise ship, this is the Cafe al Bacio, which is on all Celebrity cruise ships. We did an Alaska on the Celebrity Millennium in September, and always love the coffee house feel here. They also have great Forte' tea!

Comfortable chairs, tables, a view of the promenade deck and scenery, and...

goodies!  Here is our tea tray for a tea for two one afternoon...

Chocolate Almond Biscotti with the tea. The venue is also used for acapella groupp performances during the day as well as other smaller acoustic groups like a guitarist, string quartet or musical duets whether vocal or instrmental...and they are very good! This is the acapella group North By Northwest from Seattle on the cruise...one trip there was a group from Sweden...wonderful English...much better than my Swedish, which is non existent!

So...there is tea aboard a ship...if you had any doubts!

So thanks for joining me....hope you are having a marvelous week and aren't too stormy...it's quite windy here at the moment, so hopefully I can get this published in case the power goes off! 

For more info on the Antique Staffordshire teacup trio at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

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  1. What an amazing Staffordshire set. And that cruise ship..... what fun that must have been.

  2. Ruth, your teacup trio is simply gorgeous! I love the green and white trimmed with gold. China has such a wonderful history and one could spend hours reading about teacups and such. The treats on board the cruise ship would make for a very enjoyable tea time. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


  3. I always learn so much here . . . that antique Staffordshire is wonderful, beautiful color. Amazing to think of it being on someone's tea table when your state was entered into the Union.
    Tea aboard an Alaskan cruise ship sounds delightful!

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Your green colored trio is so beautiful and thank you for the history on the china. My late beloved hubby and I took an Alaskan cruise on a Holland America cruise line and they also had a lovely tea aboard the ship. I wish I could've had tea at the Empress Hotel, with our stopover. I'll bet you've had tea there, right?

  5. Hey Ruth ..I love your green trio...Such an elegant example ... The teatime cruise sound wonderful and I can hear the singing and I'm truly enjoying my cup of tea with you...Hugs

  6. \Hi Ruth,
    Your green trio is so beautiful! It looks like a Shelley to me because the china appears to be finer. Today I am sharing some Shelley cups without matching saucers. Whenever I see a Shelley teacup I think of you! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  7. What a lovely green tea set. Such a dainty look.


  8. Hello Ruth,

    Oh my that green Staffordshire teacup is gorgeous. It is so delicate and feminine. And what a stunning setting for tea in that cruise ship.

    Wishing you a wonderful week,


  9. Beautiful green teacup! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Love the green transferware trio, very pretty.
    When we were on an Alaska cruise I went to the dining room every day for afternoon tea, sometimes by myself. It was lovely.

  11. The antique green and white trio is lovely. I have yet to see one that age. I agree about the Canadians and Thanksgiving. Think of all the time we Americans would have for Christmas preparations. :-)

  12. Ruth: The green transferware is so pretty--and so old! I'm always amazed when things that are so very breakable make it over 100 years! Tea on your cruise sounds terrific! Thanks for the information about the kite marks--I had no ideas you could find out that much from them on the older sets (I didn't even know about the mark at all actually!). Thanks for hosting, and have a great week!

  13. OMGoodness Ruth, you have fit so much fun into one blog post! What a lovely job explaining the diamond mark. I remember when I first learned about it. It was so exciting. Speaking of exciting, what a lovely tea room. Thank you for mentioning our soldiers!

  14. What a beautiful trio, and I loved learning about the Evergreen State! Now, if I just had some of those cruise ship sweets long about now ...

  15. Hi Ruth,
    My favorite color is green, so I'm in love with your green Staffordshire trio! Great way to celebrate the Evergreen state. I might have to take a cruise if I can celebrate tea the way you did! Happy Tea Day and thanks for hosting.

  16. Hello dear Ruth!
    The green Staffordshire green set is stunning! I've never seen green this lovely.
    The cruise ship looks awesome, I so love cruises, how wonderful Ruthie.
    Thank you so much for the party

  17. Hi Ruth: The Staffordshire is beautiful. Always the educator. Love that so much about you and your posts. I always come away learning something. Thank your so much. Blessings, Martha

  18. This tea set is so pretty. I've not seen many green transferware but I'm loving it!! Thanks for the pottery info.

  19. Hi Ruth, I just love your green transferware teacup trio! Thanks also for sharing the markings! So interesting! I've only been on one cruise a long time ago, so glad they serve a wonderful looking tea! Where I live we have lots of evergreens, too! Right now they are all covered with wet, heavy snow, 24 inches of it! I think it is here to stay until spring!

  20. What a beautiful transferware, Ruth! I love that color and I love cruising too!...Christine

  21. Having a cuppa of tea while I'm linking.
    Beautiful transferware.

  22. Thanks for hosting such great party! I love Tea Time and my kids as well! and your tea set is so pretty!!

  23. Washington definitely is a beautiful state full of evergreens. I love your beautiful green transferware Ruth. Fun to think that it could have been at a tea setting when Washington was made a state! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. I was fortunate enough to visit Washington State a few years back. A beautiful and friendly place.


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