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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Celebration of November

This is what I walked below as I took my walk yesterday...along a side street with a parking strip of deciduous trees bordering the road...and was so glad I had my phone when the sun managed to peek from between the clouds....

Welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea on a crisp...but now rainy...fall afternoon. It's been pitter pattering on the sunroom room on and off  all day...as I thought what I'd like to share in the way of a cup and saucer today, I decided on brown transferware...

This is a favorite Johnson Brothers, England ironstone teacup and saucer in the Olde English Countryside pattern from the 1930s....

The pattern is a great view with an English village street. The pattern is hand colored on the brown transfer...so no 2 pieces you will find are exactly alike, because the artist who colored the pattern had a bit of license as to what they did...as long as they met their quota for the day! The artist got the item when it had been bisque fired, the pattern applied...or transferred on...and fired again. Then it was up to the artist to add the pale colors you can see...often referred to as polychrome...meaning many colors. If you look closely you can see blue, green and red like watercolor on the brown transferware pattern. I love that!

The pattern was made for quite a few years and was quite popular...dating is by the wording on the marks. The pattern was also made in red and blue, and with and without the polychrome. Lots of variation! That's what's fun about china! For more info on the cup and saucer at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

Goes perfectly with a fall padded tea cozy! I have a woman in my town here make them for me and the shop. I LOVE them! They work so well and are so decorative!

I wanted to share some of the November illustrations by Edith Holden in my Country Diary Of An Edwardian woman...

This is the Starling...sorry...a bit out of focus...

Toadstools and a Green Woodpecker...what a talented woman to draw so beautifully...her November mottoes are:

"November take flail,
Let no ship sail"

"If there's ice in November that will bear a duck,
There'll be nothing after, but sludge and muck"

One of the reasons I love the book, is it is in the area my husband was born, Warwickshire, close to my family's home in Leicestershire, and near towns and villages where we still have relatives. Very fun...although the landscape has certainly changed since her time....the Song Thrush is below...

I hope you have a wonderful week! I am joining the blogs below as well as others! Redoing the blog list, as I lost many in my computer crash!

Also...here is the linky for your tea related posts. Remember it is SSLLOOOOOWW but does work! Just have patience! And I love to hear from you, dear friends. You light up my week!


  1. I always learn so much from your blog and this is no exception. I have a few pieces of transfer ware and it is nice knowing each piece was hand painted. Maybe even painted by a weary worker who was hand painting the china to support him/herself or a family. Each stroke painted was a little bit more money to earn a living. To earn a living from painting the teacups and china so many of us will sip our tea and eat our dinners from. Causes me to ponder so much and be so very grateful to the hard working people from all walks of life in all countries who care to do their jobs well and in turn provide products and provisions that benefit us all.

  2. What a great post today. I pretty much love everything you showed. I have a few pieces of the china set.... I think your tea cozy is perfect for fall.

  3. Thank you for the information on the Olde English Countryside pattern Ruth. I so love transferware and would love to collect more. Your tea cozy is so perfect for a Fall tea. Thanks for hosting you party!

  4. Hi Ruth, Love the autumn leaves - good to carry that 'camera' with you always, eh? You never know when a photo op may come up! :)
    Your brown transferware is lovely. Glad I could come to tea today! by the way, your cozy is adorable as well!

  5. Ruth, I love the Olde English Countryside! Charm is such a part of transferware which is why I love it so much. Your tea cozies are very pretty and perfect for the season. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


  6. Oh, I am too a lover of transferware, I'm posting now my Rosary gathering where I used my red and white tea set for 12 places. I also have two tables. Thanks for the info on the Old Eng. country side, I love to know everything about these dishes. I will pin your tea party. I love your tea setting, so pretty and inviting and Fallish, which I love.
    Have a great week.
    Thank you for hosting sweet Ruth

  7. I wish I could find a tea cozy here, so I guess I will have one made with a C'mas material !

  8. Beautiful fall colors in the trees and all the tea "things". Love the brown transferware and guess I should have guessed it is Johnson Bros ... they are one of my favorite companies. So perfect for the season. And the tea cozy --- fun! Happy tea Day!

  9. My first visit to your blog by way of Afternoon Tea Across America, but I'll be back, I love your brown transferware, it's perfect for a fall tea!

  10. I love those brown multi colored transferware., They are so perfect for this season....Christine

  11. Ruth:
    Here goes try #2 - I did not know about the hand coloring on the teacup/saucer. That explains why the first one we used on the top of one of the 3 tiered tea trays had blue and now my Hubby is doing one that is a little more teal looking in the sky above the house! Thanks for sharing your great knowledge of teacups!

  12. I have some of those hand-colored brown transfer ware pieces, and I love them! Now I know why some have more colors than others, and in different places. Your tea cozy is very pretty, perfect for keeping a cuppa hot. I have that book by Edith Holden, too, and love to page through it as the year progresses. Have a good week, Ruth!

  13. Hey! I just posted a cozy in that exact same fabric! I wonder if the same lady made each of ours? What a fun coincidence!

    Thank you for hosting and for helping us become more learned about All things Tea.

  14. I enjoyed your post so much, Ruth! I have a tea set in that lovely pattern and even appreciate it more now that I know the history of the pattern. Your fall tea cozy is so pretty, too! I need to make one in a fall pattern! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  15. These are all gorgeous china pieces for fall. Love that book too! Thanks for hosting and for joining Home Sweet Home!

  16. Hi Ruth: Always enjoy my visit here. That Johnson Bros. pattern is just perfect for November. You have an amazing collection to tea cups. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  17. What fascinating history about how that transferware was made! Thank you, once again, for adding to my teaware knowledge!

  18. Hi Ruth,
    I love your brown transferware teacup today and that tea cozy of fall leaves is so perfect for the season. I do have a small collection of tea cozies and always use them to keep my tea hot. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Happy November! Karen

  19. This is a beautiful cup and saucer depicting the old village with thatched roofed houses - so quintessentially english!
    Perfect colours for your Autumn season!
    Thank you for hosting Ruth and I'm hoping you may be able to tell me the name of the pattern of my Royal Winchester cups!

  20. What a lovely homey pattern. I'm afraid I would never meet my quota.. it'd be the work house for me! Thanks for hosting. It is always a pleasure.

  21. What a nice photo Ruth! Your walk must be lovely. The tea cup you chose for today is charming. I am always impressed by transfers that wrap around so well. The transfers are flat to begin with, you know, and I just find it amazing.

  22. The fiery autumn leaves from your walk are breath taking. I like this pattern of brown transferware and it was interesting to learn how it is made. I've never used a tea cozy but I'm sure it will help keep the tea hot and they come in so many nice fabrics.
    Thank you for hosting your tea gathering.

  23. The leaves are stunning. An absolute perfect autumn cup and saucer. I dId not know that some transferware was hand colored. I shall be on the lookout.

  24. Lovely teacup! I enjoy anything with cottages, but yours is a whole street! The tea cozy is really pretty and perfect for fall. Have a great week!

  25. My work day is over.... I've been refreshed for just a few minutes by taking the time to browse and link..... wonderful. Be blessed in all you do!


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