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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Tuscan Blenheim, Murchie's Teas

Hi there tea loving friends and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea, a meme built around the love of teacups and drinking...or taking...tea, as it was originally called.  The list of some of the other blogs I am joining is at the bottom and the linky if you would like to add your tea related blog link.

This is a little shorter than most Tuesday Cuppa Tea posts. After we attended the Lover's Lunch for Valentine's Day and our 39th anniversary at the Tea Room At Port Gamble (see that previous post HERE), my husband, who has Parkinson's Disease developed a cold, so I have been a bit otherwise occupied. Parkinson's disease makes any little ailment magnified as the system is using all it's defences and antoxidants to fight the disease, and has little left over to combat other things. So any little thing hits hard and last long. But...we are so blessed compared to so many other things he MIGHT have, that it's okay. Just less spare times to do my thinking and posting! So I hope you can bear with me...

 My teacup today is a teacup trio, or cup and saucer with matching plate that I got in a lot of estate china i acquired recently. I absolutely love the pattern! It has such a nice contrast between the green and white with the flowers. The pattern is called Blenheim, after the estate of the Dukes of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, who, incidentally was the son of an American heiress who married into the family just like Cora on Downton Abbey.

 There is hand applied enamel painted accents on the floral transfers, nout not like the extensive hand painting done on the 1930s era Tuscan and Plant Tuscan china I love. But this is such a striking pattern!

 The teacup trio was made by Tuscan, England which was a trade name of R.H. Plant in the Tuscan pottery in Longton who also produced Plant Tuscan and Royal Tuscan and Decoro and ceased operations independently in 1962 when they sold all trademarks to the Wedgwood Group which used the name in a limited fashion until 1992. The pottery was completely shut down in 2006, when Wedgwood had further difficulties.  Available at Antiques And Teacups, just click on the photos for more info. 

When we were in Victoria, BC last weekend for the Victoria Tea Festival (to read that previous post click HERE) we also had a visit to our favorite tea store, Murchie's on Government Street, an easy walk up from the Inner Harbor in Victoria. We always have to stop for tea and to buy some to take home.

For tea we had a pot of Afternoon Blend and a Raisin pastry, as my honey had been thinking about Eccles cakes all afternoon. They didn't, of course have those quintessential English tea room delights, but the raisin pastry was as close as we could get.

And of course we had to bring some home. We brought Afternoon Blend and Blend #10, my favorite. I tried to photograph the packages, but as they are in plastic wrap they came out light struck and distorted, so I gave up.  Murchie's has a great selection of tea ware and teas, does their own blends and has a wonderful selection of sandwiches, scones and baked goods. It is always a pleasure to stop here.

So my lovelies, time to go make dinner, a hot honey and lemon for my honey, and get set for the final episode of Downton Abbey. Bwwwaaahhhhhh!!!!! Sniff...

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  1. What a stunning trio ! I love the green with floral accents, and the hand-painted flowers.

    The history is interesting and I did not now Winston Churchill was the son of an American heiress. I learn a lot from you

    What a wonderful time you had in Canada enjoying all the tea lovlies. Thank-you !

  2. Hi Ruth,

    I gasped when I saw your trio! They are truly beautiful! And thank you for the history - I throughly enjoyed reading about it :)

    Have a splendid week!


  3. Hi Ruth,
    The trio is lovely and I do love green. Reminds me of springtime!
    Murchies sounds lovely and the table set with the blue and white has set me to swooning. Lovely post and thanks for sharing another little adventure with us. Have a beautiful day.


  4. Your Blenheim tea trio is just beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Victoria; I enjoyed seeing the images from Murchie's today.

  5. Your tea set is so beautiful and different. I love the gorgeous green and roses. Love reading the history of Blenheim castle. I have a decor' book called Classic Decorative Details by Henrietta Spencer- Churchill. Have a lovely week.

  6. That Tea Cup set is beautiful I love the green. And I enjoyed hearing about the history.
    I would love that tea shop I know. I go to the eastern province of New Brunswick in Canada often but have never seen such a shop, I will have to look harder perhaps.

  7. Hi Ruth,

    I hope your husband is feeling better real soon. Sending well wishes your way. Your green trio is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the tea store filled with goodies. Thank you for hosting.

  8. Hello Ruth
    The teacup trio is pretty, love the shade of green. I wish we had more time to visit around Victoria when we were there, I would have enjoyed tea and shopping at Murchie's.
    Those look like heart shaped macarons, for which I crave all the time after first eating them. I really must try making them again.

  9. I enjoy your blog and the beauty you share. My father had Parkinson's, so I know you are an angel. You are blessed in so many ways and you are blessing so many of us. Peace

  10. I am so sorry to hear your husband is not feeling well. It must be so difficult for him and also taking it's toll on you. I hope he feels better soon. Your green trio tea set is beautiful. I love the color. Thank you for hosting!

  11. The teacup and pics are fabulous, thanks for sharing with us. You and your husband are a special couple it comes across in all you post her big well wishes coming to you from across Canada, big hugs too..

  12. Yes, your teacup trio is so striking! Love the colors. What fun you must have had shopping in the tea shop. Those sweets look awesom! So sorry to hear about your dear hubby, I will be praying for him.

  13. Oh that is a stunning cup Ruth! The green is so vibrant and the pattern so softly romantic! That is a sweet cup to have in your collection.
    I am sorry to hear about your husband's health challenge. I wish him the very best, and hope this cold somehow heals much sooner than usual.

  14. Hello Ruth~
    Hoping your husband has a speedy recovery- no fun! HAPPY Anniversary, too!!! Your cup is gorgeous. Oh, what a lovely trip you had. Murchies! Wow. The raisin pastry sounds delicious. Have a great week and thx for hosting,

  15. What a beautiful trio, Ruth! I've only been to Murchie's twice, but I loved it! I can see why it's your favorite tea store. The blue amd white transferware would have been very tempting to me!

  16. You are such a dear to still host while caring for your husband - he and we are blessed. This teacup set is exquisite - just love the colors and pattern - I'll have to look for that cake - Dearest loves raisens - thanks so much for sharing and hosting - by the way - I first read the sign to that delightful place as Munchies - would have fit :)

  17. Dear Ruth,
    love your romantic teacup! The colors are stunning. Murchies looks like a fabulous tea room/store. Thanks for sharing.
    Praying your husband has a speedy recovery.

  18. Good morning, Ruth,

    I hope you had a wonderful time at your special Valentine's Day tea! Your setting is so pretty---I love green and pink. I hope your husband gets feeling better really soon. Thank you for hosting the tea party today!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  19. Oh, I love your Tea Cup Trio! Beautiful colors and having the dessert plate/salad plate, gives you that added spot to put your "yummies"! :)

    Happy Anniversary!

    Praying for your hubby...and adding him to my Blog Prayer List!

    Jan ♥

  20. Hi Ruth. I didn't realize your husband has Parkinson's disease and I hope he will soon recover from this bout of the cold. What a beautiful tea set! Such a pretty green. We toured Blenheim Palace when we were in England in 1992 and it was beautiful. I won a give away from Pondside and it contained a package of Murchie's Jubilee Blend tea in it. I will have a cup of it tomorrow. Praying for you both. Hugs, Pamela

  21. I have very fond memories of Murchie's!

  22. So sorry to hear about your husband not feeling well. Hope he gets better soon!
    Your green tea trio is GORGEOUS! It is SO VIBRANT in color!
    Have a wonderful week!
    sandy :)

  23. The china trio has a beautiful green color I rarely see in china. What a treasure.

    Your time away from home is one I would love.Tea shops, tea things, time with your husband in a beautiful place...blessings abundant!

  24. Glad to hear your hubby is better. Your cup and saucer are lovely. The tea place you visited is elegant!

  25. Gorgeous teawares, and the array of items (and sweets!) at Murchie's looks wonderful!


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