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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thursday Tea Things And Talk, Knitted Pineapple Tea Cozy

Welcome to Thursday Tea Things And Talk. I don't have a lot today...with my honey having been ill for 2 weeks, it's amazing what gets passed over and has to be caught up.  I'm sure you know what I mean....

So I am back to my favorites...teacups!  This is another Rosina in a spring pattern of pink and purple roses and violets in an all over chintz. I LOVE it!!!

It just sings of spring to me! I guess it's the violets, really, as well as being a chintz pattern which I love. As I explained on my last post, Rosina had a long history and several permutations through Warrilow, and others to finally have dwindled to production as Queens under Churchill, England, which is still in production in the UK. This particular teacups was made in the 1950s. I have 3 of these sets available at Antiques And Teacups, both the ".com", and also at Antiques And Teacups At Etsy. Just click on the photos or the tabs at the top of the blog for more info.

I wanted to share this fabulous knitted pineapple tea cozy. I also posted it on my Facebook page. The fun thing, is that there is a free pattern available for it, which I thought some of you might be interested in. The site is called All About You. Either click the photo or the site name. Cool!  I am not a knitter...my gauge doesn't stay even, so I gave up years ago and just do cross stitch. 

So  a short post, but I hope you have some goodies to share about tea, recipes, tea items or tea rooms. I love to read what you post, and am amazed at your skills. Have a great day. Here is a list of a couple of blogs I will be visiting and the linky. And I love your comments. They are such a blessing!

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 Mrs. Olson ~  http://jannolson.blogspot.com/
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  1. Those are beautiful teacups! I love the pineapple cozy! Adorable!! Thanks for hosting!

  2. I think the pineapple tea cozy is a riot! The first time I ever saw a knitted tea cozy was in Victoria BC on our honeymoon. I thought they were so silly! Now I think they are charming.
    Have a great week Ruth.

  3. Your tea set is pretty, but I like the knitted pineapple. Never saw one before.

  4. I love Chintz Tea cups and yours are beautiful. The pineapple tea cozy is delightful. If it was CROCHET, I'd probably even make one - I don't knit.

    Jan ♥

  5. Cute cozy. I'll give my daughter the link as yarn and I DO NOT go together! Ever!! Thanks for sharing.♥♫

  6. Love your chintz tea cups! All cozies are one of My delights.Wish I had a tea post ready to join in on the party fun. Hugs to you-Denise

  7. I loved the family info. you gave Me in My comment box-Thank you

  8. That chintz design is one of my absolute favorites--and I was happy to see it being reproduced when I went in a Waterford/Wedgwood outlet recently. LOVE the tea cozy! (Glad your comments are "letting me in" today. For some reason, I tried three times last night and this page would never let me comment!)

  9. I think we all like chintz so much because it is so feminine looking, pretty pattern you're sharing.
    My mother always used a tea cozy on her old brown betty, she would have liked the pineapple.

  10. This tea set certainly does evoke Spring. Love the dainty blossoms. The pineapple tea cozy is so fun. The pineapple is the symbol of welcome. What could be more welcoming than a hot cup of tea? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. love both! teacup is sweetness and cozy is a treat! great post, Ruth!


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