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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Pumpkin Choc Bread, Myott Bermuda Chintz

Hello and welcome to my Tuesday Cuppa Tea blog party meme. Please see the list at the bottom of some of the wonderful blogs I am joining, and connect to the linky if you have a tea realted post. Comments are so appreciated! 

First of all, I want to:

As it has been Veteran's Day weekend, I want to honor the many brave heroes who have selflessly served to preserve America's freedom.  Thank you.

This is a fall post again...it is the season...so this is a fall teacup...or teacup trio this week. A teacup trio is understood to be a cup and saucer with matching plate. I found this gorgeous ironstone beauty at a recent estate sale. The pattern was made by Myott, England between 1930 and 1944 and is called Bermuda Chintz. I love the hand colored on transfer fall colors. So rich!

Myott  and Johnson Brothers were contemporaries and competitors, if you will, in the transferware ironstone line, and both were influenced by the other.  Myott didn't make many chintzes, and this is their most popular. They also made it in several solid colors like red, green and blue, but I like this hand colored version best...amazing for me, the blue person! I have a cake plate in the same pattern.  For more info on the teacup trio at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

Fall is a great time to peruse magazines during my afternoon tea relaxing time. This weekend, I had a fall Victoria, a 2008 Country Home...a sadly missed publication...and the recent Tea Time magazine. I found a recipe in Country Home for Pumpkin Cranberry bread...inspired by so many ladies' posts last week...and adapted it to our tastes by adding mini chocolate chips and chopped pecans. 

Then into the oven:

And finally...we ate it!

This is my Royal Doulton vintage Rosebud china, which I use during the holiday season. I am just getting it out. I must say it was a hit! There were so many great recipes shared last week of pumpkin bread, I thought I didn't need to share another. Basically I just added the 2 ingredients. With my husband, if the recipe doesn't have nuts, it will before it goes into the oven! And chocolate...well, what can I say???

I want to share a couple of photos of the area...

This is the John Wayne Marina  on Sequim Bay about 5 miles from us. The weather is often like this in the morning, with a marine layer rising to cover the peaks of the Olympic Mountains until later in the day.  

This photo is of the same Olympic Mountains from across the Strait of Juan de Fuca  from the Victoria, BC side, directly north across the strait from us. The photo was taken by Robert McIntyre of Victoria, BC. who has other great photos on his Facebook site HERE.

This photo was taken at Marmot Pass up in the same Olympics in Olympic National Park. It's our back yard, and we love it in the Park.  The photo was taken by Robin L Anderson and was on our local paper, The Peninsula Daily News' website. I guess you can see why we love it here! 

Well I hope you have a lovely week and, with cup of tea in hand, enjoy the other wonderful blogs below. Visit some that are new to you, and enjoy the creativity.

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  1. Beautiful chintz trio, Ruth. I miss Country Home too. I guess country is not really "in".

  2. The Bermuda china is totally gorgeous, such a rich pattern. The pumpkin bread looks yummy and I like the added choc. chips too. Thanks for hosting this great tea party. Have a lovely week.

  3. I have never seen any china like this before and it is really pretty! Did you know that Country Home issued a Christmas magazine recently? I bought one at a very dear price only to find it filled with beautiful photos that were published in one of their Christmas magazines several years ago. Oh well, I will enjoy it for a long time to come! The photos of the scenery in your area are stunning! I hope you have a great week!

  4. Oh how lovely and how special Ruth. A lovely post all around.

  5. Gorgeous dishes! So pretty. Seems its the time for nut breads, I made some banana bread!
    Have a great week

  6. Dear Ruth,
    I am Crazy about your Bermuda cup and saucer!! How rich are those colors. Beautiful indeed. Your part of the country sure is beautiful too.
    Love your old postcard and it's message as well.
    Have a super week ahead.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  7. You live in a very breathtaking area!

  8. Oh my, Ruth, that chintz pattern is gorgeous! I have never seen it before. Would love a slice of your bread! Your photos are really lovely. I especially like the one with the sailboats and the mountains behind with one guy canoeing. Thank you for coming by for tea and have a beautiful day.


  9. This pattern is stunning. Imagine an entire tea table set with it!

  10. Autumn is my favourite season!! The Bermuda Chintz is perfect for the cool temps. Love the details on your Rosebud china and that pumpkin cranberry loaf - with your special touches (nuts and chocolate) YUMMY!!! ....

    Great photos ... wishing you a fabulous week .. Hugs, C. (HHL)

  11. You live in a beautiful place, Ruth! Stunning photos! I love your teacup trio too. The pattern is really pretty, and so unique.

  12. The Bermuda chintz cup is so different! Wonderful. I love the Pacific NW. Beautiful country. The bread looks delicious. I love cranberries! Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting.

  13. Your teacups are so unusual, good find at the sale.
    I took a pumpkin nut cranberry loaf to share at my card workshop today, pumpkin makes such a tasty loaf. I've not tried chocolate chips in my recipe but I know my hubby would like them.

  14. You were so fortunate to find your chintz Myott cup and saucer. The Bermuda chintz pattern is so distinct in its design and a true beauty. The bread looks so delicious with the added benefit of chocolate and nuts for a tasty treat. Yummy! Your photos are spectacular and thanks for sharing them.

    Thanks, Pam

  15. Hi Ruth,
    You have a beautiful Chintz trio, so perfect for fall. Your pumpkin crandbery bread looks so good and I love your rosebud dish. Thank you for the pictures of your area, you live in such a beautiful place! Have a wonderful week!

  16. Hello Ruth~ Wow...I have never seen Bermuda Chintz- it is so striking! Such rich color. You like in a scenic area. The JW Marina looks gorgeous...nice photo. Thanks for hosting. I baked banana bread this weekend, but I think some pumpkin and zucchini muffins are next on my list.

  17. Love the beautiful dishes! The cranberry bread sounds wonderful! The area in which you live around looks breath taking!

  18. Your Chintz trio is lovely! Magazines are my favorite tea time ritual as well if I'm having tea for one. The bread looks yummy!
    sandy ;)

  19. Hello Ruth
    Your Myott trio is very unusual with those big roses in the chintz pattern.
    And in the first photo the two plates are forming a flowery heart, have you noticed?
    You know, in Portugal Johnson Brothers sets were very popular some 40 or 50 years ago and I still got some as wedding presents, but not Myott.
    Thanks for the lovely tea and photos.

  20. Hello Ruth,
    Gorgeous ironstone! The pattern is so bold and beautiful! I love the details of the artwork. Very well named too.
    That was a great find for you.
    Your pictures of the mountains are beautiful. I think you must have the best backyard!

  21. Teacup and saucer looks modern print. Very neat! The bread looks very tasty. Daulton saucer with rose buds fit perfectly to the dark bread. Wonderful photos of the harbor and nature. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

  22. What a wonderful recipe, an amazing unique teacup and incredible water/mountain pics - WOW!

    Thank you very much for hosting!~

  23. What a lovely place - the scenery is amazing! Your teacup is beautiful and this is a wonderful post honoring the brave and the Veterans. I am so pleased to join you this week! I appreciate you hosting,

  24. What a beautiful trio set! I love the bold pattern. You live in quite a picturesque place-- the photos are gorgeous. I'm a true believer that chocolate makes everything better :) ~Michelle

  25. The set is just beautiful, you have so many beautiful treasures. Thanks so much for hosting, and the yummy recipe. I have to give it a try!
    A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you.


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