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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Roy Kirkham Fruit Mug, Nash's Organic Market

And a happy, cool autumn morning to you! It was 35 degrees at 7:30 am this morning, and we have a cooling trend. So it got me thinking that fall is truly here. Washington state is a great fruit producer, so I thought I'd share a fruit themed tea mug and a visit to Nash's Organic market here in Sequim from day before yesterday. The other blogs I am joining are listed at the bottom, and I hope you have time to go visit their wonderful posts.

Roy Kirkham is a growing pottery in England that arose in the 1970s out of the combining and subsequent disappearance of many of the better know potteries. A lot had to do with their designs which were contemporary and their business acumen. I am thrilled they have remained in the UK and haven't outsourced. This bone china design is Antiqua, a nod to the more traditional fruit designs that have always been a popular motif for china designs.  For more info on the mug at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

And here is our wonderful Nash's Organic Farm Store.

The mural was done by a local artist.  Nash Huber has been named  America's Organic Gardener, and has been an advisor in Washington, DC to the Dept. of Agriculture on organic farming. He is quite a local and Washington state celebrity, and is really responsible for the many organic farms in the area as well as 1100 Mile Food and Slow Food movements here which are so popular.

Nash's has saved a lot of small farms around here and does a wonderful farm share program. You pay a fee at the beginning of the season and receive a weekly box of the current fresh produce plus recipes for using them. That will include fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs and is a fabulous program. It's really fun when you get something you've never had before. Needless to say, we come home from the store with loaded bags of produce. And a carrot from the grocery store, after shopping at Nash's for 5 years, tastes like cardboard! We love our farm stores!!!

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  1. Pretty tea mugs. It's nice that they are still made in England! We have a few organic farms here now. There is also a store in town called Real Food Connection (I think that's the correct name) that only has organic and fresh local food. I must pay them a visit one day. Pamela

  2. Gorgeous produce! We had 33 degrees and fog in the Willamette Valley. Rather etherial!

  3. When I think of Fall I always think of the bountiful harvest of delicious fruit. Especially crisp apples. Your mugs are perfect! I love the mural and the market looks like a wonderful place.
    Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  4. It's nice that they are still made in China! This is awesome pretty tea mugs.Your mugs are perfect! Thanks for sharing with Share Your chinese antiques Cup.


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