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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday Teacups & Tea Things - Royal Albert Heirloom Teacup Trio, History of Royal Albert

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This is an early Royal Albert, England teacup trio in a pattern called Heirloom that was made from 1917-1927. The pattern is called Imari because of the color combination...which is you have seen many of my posts, you know is a favorite of mine. Imari became a fad in the mid Victorian era in England as the china merchants brought in articles with this type of bold and bright colors from the Imari region of Japan. To be Imari, it needed to have cobalt blue and rust with gold. Other popular colors with green and yellow being secondary colors. Imari was hugely popular and fen into empire traditions of so called Gaudy Welsh and Gaudy English which were also boldly colored regional china. Imari continued to be popular right up to the second world war. I love the bright colors, especially the cobalt blue which is often a flow blue.

Royal Albert began life  in 1896 as Thomas C. Wild & Company in Longton, a district of Stoke-on-Trent in 1896 at the Albert Works which were named for Queen Victoria's beloved consort...hence the company name developed as Royal Albert when the pottery received the right to use the Royal in the name by the crown.  The company was acquired in 1960s by the Pearson Group, in 1972 merged with Royal Doulton and consolidated with with other famous pottery names. Then in 1993, Royal Doulton which included Royal Albert was split back out of the Pearson Group and in 2002 all UK production ended and was moved to Indonesia, which in my opinion ended fine quality bone china production.

For more info on the Royal Albert Imari teacup trio at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

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  1. I love the backstory about this company and pattern. I'm fascinated in general about the Asian influence on England during the Victorian period. Great post :) XOL

  2. These are so delicate and lovely. I would be so afraid I'd break them. love the pattern. Happy VTT!

  3. That is a very pretty teacup. I loved the color and design of it.

  4. Oh Ruth, I want I want I want. Just stunning.
    Love, Linda

  5. So interesting... I have a Royal Alberta set... not as old as this one though:)

  6. That is a lovely teacup, Ruth. Very rich in colour. Thanks for sharing.


  7. This tea cup is stunning, Royal Albert are the prettiest, I would say the perfect tea cups and saucers, I only have one the Oct. one I inherited from my mil, her b'day was Oct. 21 and mine is today. Thank you for your lovely visit and for the lesson, that is why I am your newest follower, love your blog! The tea set just says Bavarian Style Porcelain, it doesn't name a manufacturer, I bought it several years ago at a fabulous store here where they just carry European china, tablecloth and many accessories (new) from Europe as I do shop in another where they carry European Antiques, but this one is nothing vintage. Hugs, FABBY

  8. Lovely fall colors in this royal tea set! I'm always so fascinated to learn the background of the china companies. You are so knowledgeable - thanks for being so generous with your details!



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