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Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink Saturday, Shelley Pink Teacup, Red Caboose B&B

Happy Pink Saturday with How Sweet The Sound to one and all...hope your week has been a blessing. Mine seems to have galloped past, but...

I have a Shelley, England pink teacup today in the Oleander shape and Rose and Red Daisy pattern interior. I love the tactile feel of this shape. The embossed petal pattern is so lovely. The trim is burnished 22 carat gold that is just beautiful!  Shelley closed in 1966. Sigh...

That is pretty pink, don't you think? No rhyme intended, just happened. You can see more about the Shelley teacup at Antiques And Teacups by clicking on the photos.

I wanted to show you a fun Bed & Breakfast in our town called the Red Caboose Getaway here in Sequim, WA. All of the rooms are actually rail cars including the red caboose! I think that's such a fun idea! Some of the photos following are mine, some are from the Bed & Breakfast.com website and some from the Red Caboose website. Click the name to visit their website: Red Caboose Getaway B&B

How fun is that!!! We love fun places to stay, and this is in our own back yard!

Have a great weekend, get out and enjoy the things  going on in your local communities and visit all the Pink Saturday blogs. It is so much fun!


  1. I love your little tea cup. I have never stayed in a bed and breakfast. I understand it is a nice way to spend time. This looks like a fun place to stay.

  2. Oh my gosh. I LOVE old trains! And having a B&B inside one is brilliant! Wish I lived a lot closer! I'm all the way in the middle of the USA!

  3. This Shelly tea cup is stunning! I never seen anything like this ever, I just love the pink cup. Happy Pink Saturday. Hugs, FABBY

  4. That teacup is sooo beautiful! I love the molded petal in the pattern, too. The photo lighting really sets it off!

    The train B&B is awesome - what a great idea. Somebody had some capital to make it the deluxe accommodations it appears to be. Hope you make a night of it!


  5. Such gorgeous pink! Happy weekend!

    Shade of Pink at my page.

  6. Your tea cup is SO beautiful! I'd feel like Royalty drinking from a cup like that! Fun B&B! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. The teacup is beautiful -- I love when they have the floral design on the inside!
    And the B&B, oh my! How fun to stay in a train car!
    Have a glorious pink Saturday!

  8. Shelley is a favorite. So pink! Trains have always been a great way to travel but haven't slept in one!

  9. Beautiful teacup...and Sequem WA is beautiful too ...

  10. Oooooo I would LOVE to visit the Red Caboose Getaway! I've been to Sequim, just love it. Went to a retreat there, in fact two of them!

    P.S. found you thru Pink Saturday!

  11. Ahhh, my grandmother's name was also Emma...
    I just love that name and wonder why I didn't name my little girl, Emma.....??...

    Thanks so much for coming by. I love meeting new friends.;0)

    LOVE this idea for a bed and breakfast. That must be an awesome place to stay.
    I am linking to follow....please come back soon.
    xo bj


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