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Monday, August 8, 2011

Teacup Tuesday, Shelley Matte Black Teacup, My Blooming Hoya, Mid Century Bavarian Teapot

Happy Teacup Tuesday! I hope you all had a nice summer...ours was last week and this week we are back to our normal spring weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Ah well...it was nice while it was here. LOL!  Today I am joining the blogs in the list below and many others for the various tea related parties. So fun!

I have an unusual Shelley China, England teacup to share today. Unusual because the finish is not the usual shiny glaze but was made with a matte black finish like the sheen of velvet and is quite different. Not everyone thinks black is a good teacup color, but you have to admit it's dramatic!

The set was made in between 1940-1966 and is just so unusual. The pattern inside is called Duchess in the blue colorway which I think is lovely.

Along with that sort of mid century theme, this is a retro teapot that was made in Bavaria, Germany by Bareuther in the 1950-1960s. I love the modern shape and the wreath of flowers like the ribbon on a dirndl!

Perfect for tea in our sunroom off the living and dining room. For more info on the teacup or teapot at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

As I mentioned, summer was last week and here is what my assistant did all day while he was supposed to be working. He thought it was too warm 'cuz it hit 75 degrees and was 80 in the sunroom...

I also wanted to share the the exiciting thing for me...yeah, I know, I live a sheltered life...that my Hoya Carnosa is blooming! That's a big deal as they are so difficult to make happy so that they will flower. They are a tropical plant with fleshy rubbery leaves and the flowers are a cluster of stars that look like miniature passion flowers. Anyway....mine is happy! So I just had to share it!

And...it's my birthday on Wednesday, so we are going to a Chocolate Tea at a tea room on Thursday which I will post about later. In honor of that, I am running an:
15% off at 


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  1. OMG .. Your Shelley cup is spectacular ..and very unusual( Love It )... What a blessing that HOYA is ... I used to have a beautifiul one , but your right they are temperamental...Mine didn't like the blooms of the Spider plant ( or visa versa) ... I had to move the Hoya around many times before it settled... It's very rare to see them flowering... Thanks for sharing...Hugs

  2. Happy Birthday, Ruth! What a dramatic looking teacup. It's very unusual and I have never seen one like it before. Love the teapot.
    A Chocolate Tea sounds interesting and I'm sure you will have a fabulous time. Enjoy yourself and wishing you a delightful year ahead!


  3. Happy Birthday! Oh a chocolate tea! What a fab way to celebrate!

    Your dark Shelley is amazing. I adore the inside of the cup, and the dark outside makes it so dramatic! Thank you for sharing the most unusual cup today!

  4. Happy Birthday! Your black teacup is such a surprise. What a neat pattern.

  5. Pretty china, matches your assistant! I really like the shape and flowers on the teapot, it sure will hold lots of tea.

  6. Hi Ruth: We just fixed the Linky, I hope you will try again. I love this tea cup. I think black tea cups are amazing. I have about 6, each a treasure on it own. Yours however, is stunning. You alway share such wonderful treasures, I love to visit to see what you will show us next. Thanks so much for joining us. You are a blessing, Martha

  7. Happy Birthday in advance. Your black tea cup is really interesting. There must have been a time when such black china was modern. I have a trio in exactly that matte black with pink roses and gold. Mine was made from a company which was founded in Bohemian and moved after WWII to Germany. I showed it in a former post: http://silber-rosen.blogspot.com/2011/06/noble-tea-time-at-castle-noble-teezeit.html
    I like such dramatic tea cups. Another black one is my fav: Tinker, your office assistant. And your Hoya is great. Such a little plant is blooming. You have a green thumb, right?
    Enjoy your birthsday!
    Best greetings, Johanna


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