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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teacup Thursday, Susie Cooper Teacup, Elk in Sequim

Hi and happy Teacup Thursday with Miss Spenser's blog. I am featuring a teacup by mid century designed Susie Cooper, England.

Susie Cooper is considered second only to Clarice Cliff in retro/ mid century design. The cup and saucer above was in production from 1932-1964 and is called Endon. The pale yellow is difficult to photograph right. Sigh...The design was made at both of her venues so you see both back stamps. This is not one of her more striking designs, but is the only one of hers I have at the moment. 

I actually chose this teacup because of remembering the gazelle or deer backstamp because we have had a lot about our local Sequim, Washington elk herd in the paper lately, as well as having seen them, which is an infrequent thing for us. Some cities have problems with small pests, we have problems with big ones...Roosevelt elk! They invade gardens, eat flowers, rub on and break small trees, dig up garden crops and generally are pests.

This is Bucky the Elk, our city symbol. You find him at the top of road signs and printed material all over town, as well as welcoming you to Sequim.

This is the elk herd, taken by a local photographer and put in our local paper (there is a weekly phot section). The photographer took the photo right off our local highway, the major west coast thoroughfare of highway 101.  We occasionally have the elk stop traffic and produce huge back ups as they wander across. They have underpasses but don't always use them. There are also radio collars on several and huge warning signs along a 3 mile stretch of highway that blink when they are close to the highway.

And here are some of the little...more than 1,000 pounds...think deer on steroids...darlings walking down a street of houses in the upscale Bell Hill neighborhood. So, you might have raccoons, coyotes or maybe deer, but we've got elk! A blessing and a curse. The local paper just reported the finishing of elk habitat on land donated by nearby Olympic National Park at the expense of $88,000 in the Upper Dungeness Valley. Only one problem...the elk prefer the city. Ah well...Bucky is a pretty benevolent ruler...and we always look and hope to see the herd when the lights flash!

For more info on the Susie Cooper teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

Have a great Teacup Thursday and join me visiting the lovely teacups. Cuppa tea, then?


  1. Wow...I learned something new today about teacups! Love the Susie Cooper design!


  2. Don't you love it when a little bit of virgin America invades our city sprawl? Her in South Jersey, we have deer decidedly - and wild turkeys. They were imported for an unknown reason some 30 years ago and have proliferated. Any given day there are flocks of them passing through the yard - one even strolled onto our deck. The cats were beyond themselves! Fun post and loved the photos!
    Miss Kathy

  3. Oh my goodness, radio collars that warn high way drivers!! what a fantastic idea, as this will cut down on accidents. Another friend sent me a pictures of a moose crossing bridge up in Canada. We really do have to learn to live WITH the animals.
    That is a really pretty teacup. I learned about Susie Cooper and Clarice Cliff a few years ago when I watched a show on BBC TV ... I can't remember what it was called, but two teams were given money at an antique fair and they had to find three things that were later put in an auction. It was always interesting to hear what the auctioneer had to say about the value of the pieces and I learned so much about the antiques and collectibles and the towns where they came from. I haven't see it for a while ... don't know if it's still on or not.

  4. Such an interesting cup and saucer....different. You mentioned Clarice Cliff...one of my favorites-wish I had more of her goodies.
    Will look for the ELk sign next week when we arrive in Sequim.
    Thank you for you kind posts on my blog....you are so sweet and faithful.
    Lady Linda

  5. What a charming cup and saucer... We have to watch out for deer where we live, those Elk look much bigger ... stay safe...Thak you for your visit and sweet words.xo HHL


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