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Friday, August 5, 2011

Pink Saturday, Pink Carousel Horse Mug, Lunch at Poulsbo, WA

Hello Pink Saturday participants with How Sweet The Sound. It's always fun to see what everyone shares. So many talented ladies!!!

Today I am sharing a mug with a pink merry go round or carousel horse motif and matching coaster. Sorta out of pink ideas this week...and this is definitely pink!

Cute, isn't it? It was made in Taiwan probably in the 1980s but I love the design.  For more info on the mug at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

As for more pink, I'd like to share a few photos of our day out to the scandanavian town Poulsbo here in Washington. The town was founded by immigrants from all over scandanavia including Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Everywhere you look there are flags, trolls, bakeries and lots of "uff da" signs. There is a gift shop with all sorts of themed stuff. The town was a fishing port on the Puget Sound and still has a nice harbor. The day started with the marine layer then cleared to mostly sunny and quite a lovely warm temperature in the 70s. My photos seem to be a little light struck. Guess I'm not used to having to adjust to strong sunlight...it IS the Pacific Northwest, you know! We are supposed to rust out not dry out!

The next photos are the famous Sluys bakery and are their danish pastries good!!!!  They have been there for over a century.

At lunch time we ate at a favorite restaurant in town called Sogno Di Vino. The coutyard restaurant has a walk in wine cellar, fireplaces in the walls and a leaff outdoor eating area in front.  We had our lunch there and it was balmy! Usually we eat inside by the fireplace! LOL! We don't get much summer here!

But one thing we do well in this area (besides lavender) is hanging flower baskets! The first photo is in Poulsbo and the second in the Inner Harbor of Victoria, BC Canada.

Have a great day visiting the other Pink Saturday blogs!

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  1. I'm glad your area is cooler than here. I do like your tea cup. I'd enjoy the bakery too.




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