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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teacup Tuesday, Melba Flower Handle Teacup, Trooping The Colour, New Website JUNE SWOON Coupon

Happy Teacup Tuesday! We have had a wonderful week with our son and daughter in law in from out of state which I will share more about later in the week. Today I am joining some wonderful Teacup Tuesday blog parties including:

                                               Pamela for Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday

 This is a flower handled hand painted bone china teacup from Melba, England that was made in the 1930s. Teacups with molded figural handles were only made by a few manufacturers and there are vast armies of collectors. They are so pretty. I love this one with it's paneled shape and gold trim...plus it's blue and I love blue best! For more information about the flower handled teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.
For those that don't know, the numbers on the bottom of the set, Reg. no 778351, refer to a wonderful dating system used on English china (and other things) from 1884 to 1999. Reg. no is an abbreviated form of Registry Date Number and records the year the design was registered, sort of like a copyright date. Tables are available so you can check the date. This number, 778351, means that the design was registered in 1932. Cool, huh??!!

In my last post I explained about the Trooping of the Colour for the 85th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. For more info and photos, I have blogged about it on my other blog, Time Was Antiques family blog. To see that: click on the photo below:

 source: Oli Scarff via Getty Images

15% OFF! JUNE SWOON coupon good on all orders at Antiques And Teacups website over $75.00 for the month of June. May be reused.

Have a wonderful Teacup Tuesday...I'll be back with a report on our family visit and trip to the West End of the Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park, the Hoh rain Forest and Forks.


  1. Your teacup is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the information about the reg. numbers. I never knew what they stood for. Be sure to come by my blog. I'm having a little giveaway.

  2. I love this little teacup. Love the flower on the handle. Beautiful. Happy Tea Day!

  3. Such a pretty tea cup, Ruth! Thanks for sharing the history of the numbers too as many probably aren't aware of their significance. I'm glad your visit with your family went well. As always, it's a pleasure having you for Tea Time. Hope you have a delightful week.


  4. Hi: Your tea cup is amazing. I have always wanted one like that, sadly to expensive for me. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings, Martha

  5. Hello,
    I agree, this is really an outstanding lovely cup. So pretty with the little forget-me-not.
    Thank you for sharing your treasures.
    Best Greetings, Johanna

  6. What a sweet, sweet teacup! One I've never seen before with the molded handle. It looks like forget-me-nots on it. Lovely!

  7. Oh my but your tea cup is really special! I love the colors as well as the shape. I don't see flower handles very often, and yours is so pretty!

  8. Love the shape, color and handle to this teacup! Spectacular!

  9. The flower on the handle is the BEST!!! Thank you for linking up and Happy Tea Tuesday!

  10. Lovely teacup - flowers are so sweet. Thanks for pointing out the error in my spooky blog post!

  11. Ruth,

    What a gorgeous teacup! Enjoy visiting with your family.

  12. My mother has passed away and left me a complete set of melba flower handed cups and saucers milk cup dishes and saucers any ideas as to there worth


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