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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teacup Thursday with Miss Spenser Copeland Teacup & visit to Copeland Collection

Happy Teacup Thursday with Miss Spenser!  It's always so fun to visit the blogs & teacups of the ladies who participate. I missed last week while my son & daughter in law were here visiting. Thought we were supposed to have wi-fi at the cabin we rented for 2 nights, but didn't so couldn't post.

I'm sharing a Copeland, England cup and saucer with the cutest little birds and a flower basket. The British Registry number dates it to 1918-1919. Copeland was one of the oldest china manufacturers in England dating back to the mid 18th century, and a Copeland is supposed to have been the first to make bone china. And yes, it does include bones! Copeland merged with Spode several years ago, then they basically merged into another firm, then disappeared. 

2 years ago we we were part of a group of 12 invited to tour the private Copeland China family collection at the Copeland family estate at Trellisick, Cornwall. I was so excited!

We came up the river Fal from Falmouth in Cornwall on a little river steamer ona a typical grey, misty English morning.

Trellissick through the mist on the river as we approached.

We were not allowed to photograph in the Copeland Museum, but our host, Lord Copeland allowed me to photograph him with some of the fabulous items on display just outside the museum main entrance in an ante chamber.

The china on display was absolutely incredible. I have never seen such lovely pieces, much of it one of a kind. When the family decided to create the museum at the turn of the century, they had to begin buying back pieces to display.

We then toured the grounds with the head gardener and had tea in their tea room which is open to the public with the gardens.

We were there in May and you will see bluebells in various places as well as rhododendrons and azaleas.

It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was so blessed to be able to visit!

Have a great Teacup Thursday!

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  1. So glad you had a good trip. Sometimes it's good to have a break from the internet. It takes me a day or two to settle down, but then it's nice! Thank you for the trip you took us on this week. What a sweet little teacup with a rich history.
    Lady Linda


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