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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacup Tuesday, Shakespeare's Birthday, Shakespeare Related Teacups

Hi and happy Teacup Tuesday! I am joining the blogs below for a wonderful time of teacup mania! I just LOVE teacups! I'm a bit late today...catching up on everything that did'nt get done during the Royal Wedding last week. But that was a great interlude...especially for Brits. We had the Union Jack out all weekend during the day. Very fun! Bet it saw a jump in the sales of tea and biscuits!

Teacup Tuesday

Pamela for Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday

Today I am sharing 2 teacups related to William Shakespeare because...lost during Prince William and Catherine's wedding was Shakespeare's birthday and the anniversary of the Royal Shakespeare Company Theater in Stratford, England. Shakespeare's birthday is traditionally April 21st ---which incidentally is Queen Elizabeth II's real birthday, although it is celebrated in June---and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company celebrated it last weekend with lots of activities. I had planned to blog about it then, but the wedding kinda took up a lot of time.

This is a Ridgway, England blue transferware design from the 1940s called Shakespeare's Country. An area we know well. My husband was born about 12 miles from Stratford-on-Avon and it is the main route (if you avoid the motorways, which we do) to get from London through the Cotswolds to the Midlands where family lives. The church is Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried.

Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-on-Avon

Shakespeare's monument Holy Trinity Church, Stratford

This is a favorite design from 2003 by Allyn Nelson which was a part of Royal Patrician in a design they called Anne Hathaway's Cottage. Roal Patrician closed in 2009.  Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare's sweetheart and her cottage is is short walk along the Avon from Shakespeare's birthplace and the church. Don't you just love the thatched roof?

Stratford is a great place to visit. The RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) has fabulous productions. The pubs and restaurants along the Avon are lovely. Just don't go during a Bank Holiday weekend. Chaos. At the best of times, the humpback bridge over the Avon is a major bottleneck if traffic is heavy as it is the main non-motorway route through the Cotswolds from London to the Midlands. We are always glad when we've gotten through without losing too much time if we are just in transit.

To see more info on either of the cups and saucers at Antiques And Teacups, just click on the photos.

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  1. I love both your tea cups today. The blue and white is wonderful with those images from England. The second cup is fabulous too! Thank you for sharing with us about Shakespeare's birthday. I did not realize it just passed by!

  2. Hello Ruth,
    Love your Shakespeare tea cup! I had no idea he shared the same birthday as our Queen. Hmm, you learn something new every day! Love the Anne Hathaway tea cup too! Her cottage is simply charming and is one of which dreams are made! I would love to visit the English countryside some day. Thanks for sharing these lovely cups and the history behind them too. Great post! Have a lovely day.


  3. oh wow! i dont even know it was shakespear's birthday! beautiful place, love the cottages! i love the design of the teacups! such gorgeous details. Happy Tea Time Tuesday! i'm afraid i skipped this week :)

  4. What a beautiful teapot set! I love it!..Christine

  5. Love your blog...all things teacups! I have just started blogging and have a post about using teacups as favors for my daughters Bridal Shower....been collecting them for 11 years for this purpose. Check it out if you get a chance. Linda

  6. Thanks for the kind words and nice to meet you too. Linda

  7. Loved reading through some of your posts. Your Shakespear teacup is lovely. I enjoyed the history behind it all. I enjoyed the links you provided for the photos of the royal wedding. They look so happy, don't you agree! A true breath of fresh air in these perilous times. Thank you for stopping by. Hugs!

  8. I have enjoyed with your post , I am really glad meeting you and visiting you has been a pleasure


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