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Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacup Tuesday - Franciscan Tulip Time Teacups trio

It's Teacup Tuesday with lots of wonderful participants like:
The Plumed Pen & A Breath Of Fresh Air with Wanda Lee & Pam 
and lots more!

I usually prefer bone china to stoneware, but my yard is finally filled with tulips so I wanted to share this Franciscan set called Tulip Time. Now, my tulips are pink & red & yellow...I suppose there are blue tulips, but I don't have any in the yard. This set, often called a teacup trio, was made in England between 1963-1973. In 1973 production was moved to the USA. I really like the retro colors of green & turquoise. Cool! For more info on the Franciscan Tulip Time teacup trio at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had quite a bit of sun among the clouds and everyone really enjoyed spring. This last weekend was the beginning of a week long celebration here in Sequim, Washington called the Irrigation Festival. Yep...you heard right...Irrigation Festival. We even have an Irrigation Festival queen and her court! Sequim, in the the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains of Olympic National Park gets a very small percentage of the rain the rest of the area gets. The area is actually considered a prairie...complete with a large Roosevelt Elk herd that gives us our city symbol, Bucky The Elk.

Highway 101 bypasses (just) the city, and where else that I know of are flashing signs warning of an elk herd close to the highway that are triggered by radio collars on some of the herd. Luckily, we have only seen them off the road...but there have been a lot of car/elk collisions. Below...a herd on the road and an elk with a radio collar. I'll have to take a photo of the sign...never thought of it!

Elk are the nuisances that deer are...only bigger. But they certainly are a different type of urban pest...

Have fun visiting the other teacups!


  1. What a beautiful tea cup. I love the color. Very pretty. And how interesting a Irragation queen. Love it. Only in this wonderful country could this be possible. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  2. Hello
    this tea cup is really charming and with its turquoise design very en vogue. I have never seen elks in the wilderness, only in the zoo. Must be amazing to watch them.
    Wish you a wonderful week. Greetings, Johanna

  3. This cup is adorable! Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing! I am giving away a gift subscription to Tea Time Magazine this week on my blog it can be used for the winner or the winner can gift it to anyone in the US. Feel free to pass the word on!! Hugs

  4. Your Franciscan teacup is wonderful. I have a fondness for Franciscan ... lots of memories from my childhood attached! Elks are amazing critters. Never dull and boring around your place, I bet! Happy Tea Day!

  5. oh wow, the tulip teacup is beautiful! love the turquoise color on it, i have to say i have never seen an elk before not even in the zoo (i think) but i can see a herd of elks on the photos, they look so much like deer as u say only bigger! the irrigation festival is very interesting, i have never heard of it and certainly not an irrigation queen too hehehe lovely post!

  6. lovely spring time cups and saucers, perfect for sitting in the garden and admiring the tulips

  7. This is such a sweet pattern of stoneware. The colors are fab. I didn't know that the Franciscan Co. began in England! Thanks for sharing and for the information.
    Oh, and the Elk really are odd looking creatures!

  8. Hello Ruth,
    My tulips are still not out as it's still so cold here. But soon, hopefully, I'll be enjoying mine too. Your tulip tea cup is very pretty. I have only seen elk in a zoo; how interesting! Thanks for joining me for tea today. Have a wonderful week.


  9. Hello there dear lady,

    This is a wonderful Franiscan teacup; the motif is refreshingly pretty. ~ I especially love the colours.

    Thanks so much for sharing as well as for being a part of the fun of TTTT and also for taking part with this my 82nd, Tuesday Tea For Two. We always so enjoy having you join us!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  10. That is an exceedingly pretty stoneware teacup! And interestingly enough, I was reading the new issue of Garden Design yesterday and it said Martha Stewart has installed a tulip walkway at one of her homes featuring 116,000 bulbs in shades of blue!

  11. A fun and different pattern. My friend and I saw lots of elk when we went up to Port Townsend a few years back. Quite the sight...they are so big when you see the in person!
    Lady Linda

  12. I can’t believe another week has gone by with another delightful tea party. Wonderful teacups.
    It would not be so enjoyable without you and your creative touch. I always look forward to seeing you as often as you can pop in.


  13. I enjoyed this sweet Tulip Time cup and saucer. It is a surprise being from Franciscan. Have a lovely week.


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