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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pink Saturday, Rosina Crocus Cup And Saucer

We have been gone for a week on holiday, so I am a bit late...oh well...hopefully better late than never.

Happy Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.  I love the pink crocus' on this vintage Rosina, England teacup and saucer that was made around 1960. Or at least I THINK they're crocus'...might be something else. The shape looks like a crocus, although mine were yellow or purple, so what do I know! Foe more info on the teacup at Antiques And Teacups click on the photos.

When we left, our tulips were just opening and now most of them are past their prime already. What a difference a week makes. We also came home to a lawn that had enjoyed a few days of sunny weather and taken advantage of it in an incredible growth spurt. Sheesh...my honey was thrilled!

We had a great visit in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas. Haven't downloaded photos or gotten organized to tell you about some of it, but will soon. Suffice it to say we had a great holiday in favorite places, ate too much, laughed a lot and generally enjoyed being cut free from normal routine. 

But it's good to be back as well. Missed my cat Tinker...the one who runs the house, bullied us and disappears when the doorbell sounds. The neighbor who looked after him, stopping in several times a day never saw him. We weren't surprised. He didn't come out from under the sofa for the first hour we were home. Then came out as if nothing had happened and we hadn't been away. Bit jumpy at noises he thinks might be someone approaching the door, but...same tyrant and demanding gourmand.

Have a wonderful day visiting with the Pink Saturday crew...I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Your cat is beautiful! I have three and they stayed at my brother's home while we moved recently. When I would go in to feed them, they would hide until they figured out it was me!
    I also love your pretty dishes. Wonderful to meet you thru Pink Saturday!

  2. No matter what's on those pretty cups. I like them. would say Tinker is one spoiled cat.

  3. Your cat could be my cats twin except my big boy Boots is very huge! He is a greedy boy always wanting to be first to the food and last to leave! Glad you had a holiday! Happy weekend. Anne

  4. Thanks for visiting from Pink Saturday -- it's nice to make some new friends. You teacup is a beauty!

  5. lovely tea cups,Always enjoy visiting you for tea.Thank you for coming by my place.Denise


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