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Saturday, February 6, 2010

English Silver Teapot Spout Tea Leaf Strainer

From the archives at Antiques And Teacups.

Not seen often, and delifitely worth noting! 

This is a silver plated English basket teapot spout tea leaf strainer from the late victorian era, 1870-1890. The basket has 2 prongs which fit into the pout of the teapot. When you go to pour the tea...tea leaves, of course, this was before tea bags...the basket pivots under the spout and you pour the tea through it into the cup. Voila! Tea with out loose tea leaves. Cool!

I don't find these often and am thrilled when I do. I just LOVE the victorian inventiveness and their love for specialized gadgets!
You can see more photos and get more information at Antiques And Teacups.

We have had fabulous weather here on the Olympic Peninsula and the Pacific Northwest the last few days. VERY spring like weather in the 50-60s. Lovely! Went for walks both days and saw blooming primroses and leaves beginning to break out on the trees. Have a lot of empathy for the mid Atlantic states with their big blizzards. We used to live in snow country and I don't miss the shoveling & snowblowing AT ALL!

Have a great Sunday tomorrow...Super Bowl time! And the Olympics starting in a week. WooHoo!!! Just by our back door!

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