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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Tea Quote, Shelley Primrose Teacup and My Current Fav Tea Blend

 Spring is here indeed! As my allergies attest... but spring is always a hopeful season.


The above is a Shelley, England teacup in the unusual Atholl shape in the Primrose pattern. The shape is not often seen, although the pattern was used for many years on many shapes. I just speaks of the cheerful thought induced by the burgeoning blooms of spring.

I came across a quote about tea that I especially liked while reading a book on my Kindle. The book is called Listen To Your Heart from a collection of books bundles under the title Darcy And... by Leenie Brown...

"Anne cradled her teacup in her hands, warming them. She inhaled deeply of the fragrance. To her, there was more comfort to be found in a simple cup of tea than the mere drinking of it. It was an experience to be savoured, and the first cup in the morning served as a source of pleasure and a time of reflection."

That is so very true for me as well. It struck me this morning, as I sat with my first cup... of my current favorite Victorian London Fog by Harney & Sons tea...

that the quote certainly put into words my own experience. The first cup, after devotions, then waking my husband for his first major medications, was indeed the essence of peace and reflection I need each day to begin. 

I am very grateful for peace and joy found in such a small thing in the midst of the fact that each day is a new challenge and totally unpredictable.

But...that, too can be a source of pleasure.



  1. What a beautiful quote - about a beautiful moment and experience.

  2. Tea is a pleasure. It is a comfort, too. Grace and peace to you!

  3. What a lovely teacup. Nice hearing from you. Will keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers.
    God Bless.

  4. I check in every once in a while to see if you are posting again and are thrilled to see you are! I of course wondered what was happening when you weren't. I continue to pray for your Hubby!

  5. Father, I pray for my friend Ruth today that you would be with her and give her the strength for this journey she is on.

  6. Beautiful quote! And it is inspiring to me the way you stay positive, savor all "the little things" each day, persevere in your life challenges, and continue to spread joy to others. I'm sure your dear husband treasures you.


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