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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Happy Mother's Day USA... and again remembering a past one at Harrods in London

 Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday May 8th.....for everyone who is a mother or who has "mothered". ie nurtured and mentored someone!

and this weekend is also the Kentucky Derby on May 7th... 
I have not been blogging because life is a bit complicated with my dear husband's Parkinson's disease, but I will try to begin doing so again because I miss the focus on the joys in my life!

 I remembered that a few years ago this week we were in London for our week at the start of our then annual month long buying for Antiques And Teacups and Time Was Antiques and visiting trip in England, and wanted to share one of our favorite venues for tea...both posh and pleb....Harrod's super department store in the Knightsbridge section of London....warning: photo heavy post!!! 

Harrods is a must if you visit London, although we didn't often buy anything among the designer goods upstairs...one year brought back signature Harrods carrier bags as Christmas gifts for everyone....

Most things were beyond our budget....except the Food Hall in the basement!

  There are lots of tea items in this post...but only one teacup...and here it is....

From the posh Georgian Restaurant on the second floor...to the plebian...if you can call it that...Food Halls...an amazing place! These photos are from several different annual visits....and I hope you can get a feel for the place...you will find everything for a meal, a picnic tea or eat in the various eateries and cafe's scattered around....

The scope of the place is amazing...a cavern of gastronomic treats....and so many trained staff with specialties in their areas whether tea, coffee, pastries, meats or any type of delicacy....

All surrounded by marble, mosaics and a fabulous art nouveau vaulted ceiling!   And the wonderful choices! Get ready to drool...you are spoilt for choice, and a quick decision is difficult to find here....

Are you hungry yet???

 There is always a trained staff of tea sommeliers on hand to help you choose the right blend as well....we always plan at least an hour wandering around in the Food Hall, then choose our items and find a table and enjoyed. The place is an experience I hope each and every one of you gets to experience some day. It's one of things that we miss now we can no longer make the trip to England, even though for the last 10 years we had been taking a ship across. But my husband's Parkinson's Disease makes the airplane flight to the east coast from here in Washington state undoable. So our visits home are at an end. But we were blessed to have gone so many times. We are very blessed and very grateful!

And of course... always tine of tea to bring home as gifts. 
Hopefully you can have a lovely tea time with someone you appreciate this weekend!
Our good news is that our daughter, her husband and youngest grandson... if you think young is 30 !... will be permanently moved here from out of state in the next 2 months and we are so excited!
So... lots of good things to look forward to!
And my prayer is for your lives to be as blessed!


  1. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Mother's day. Prayers for your husband. God Bless.

  2. Just wonderful pictures. Thank you for this great virtual tour. Happy Mother's Day. Blessings.


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