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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Summer Inspirations For Me, My Soapbox

I am happy to find a few minutes to post a few things for summer...

Which arrived with summer solstice on Sunday, June 21st, which was also Father's Day.
Our out-of-state-kids finally managed to arrive on Thursday night, despite a day spent in an Oregon hospital en route for our son in law with an infection.
So things have been totally altered as to home routine.
But so happy because of it!

Anyway, so just wanting to share some sunny yellow summer things to brighten your week!

A pretty 1950s Clare yellow Rose and Violets teacup...

A sunny yellow Hall Parade teapot, also from the 1950s...

Shelley Dainty Primrose teacup...

Villeroy & Boch, Germany Jamaica pattern eggcups...

And if that all doesn't make you smile, how about these wonderful yellow flower decorated cupcakes from KerrysBouqcakes?

And Heaven knows we need smiles.
Don't let life at the moment cause you to forget the many blessings we have.
And the blessing of being in a society where we are free to voice our opinions.
I was in the Soviet Union for several months in 1967 and have never forgotten the oppression, the fear, the want, the quick reprisals against those that dared to disagree with someone's ideologies, and the deep divide among the haves and have nots that the government denied existed under communism but was CLEARLY visible, a constant "elephant on the room"...
Intolerance is intolerance, and is a dire error, for whichever side you are on.

 There are no perfect absolutes, their are always circumstances and THERE WILL ALWAYS BE things we must learn to tolerate, agree to disagree with, and allow others to not perfectly ascribe to EVERYTHING we believe.
No one is perfect.
No one has all the right answers.
NO one has a right to refuse to listen to others' heart felt beliefs,
but we ALL have a call to learn to not reject someone or something because it is not completely in line with our beliefs.
We are all different, and all entitled to our own feelings.

True tolerance is the ability to not reject others because they don't agree 100% with us, and that is what this country stands for when compared with most of the world.
We don't want to be another NAZI GERMANY with Brown Shirts and KristalNachts,
AND NOT HAVE LEARNED FROM THAT HORRIBLE TIME IN HISTORY at the lowest depths of human intolerance.
PLEASE, BE TOLERANT and work to bring understanding and acceptance of each other!


  1. Yellow is one of my favourite colours so I'm loving the pretty teapot and teacups. My yellow tea pretties will go out on rotation for display in July. Those cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat!

  2. Well said!!! I agree completely! One of the things our country desperately needs is tolerance of one another!

  3. Your yellow things are lovely. They are so cheery. Have a great summer.

  4. Tea pieces in sunshine yellow are quite delightful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well said, Ruth! Our freedom both in your country and ours is so very important. As of right now, we are still free to preach the Gospel and share Christ with others. Those of us who have much are free to share with those who do not. But we need to love our fellow man and put away intolerance.
    I had a yellow post all ready to go and then I changed my mind and posted something else; something fun for a change, at least for me, especially after last week's post. Hope you and your hubby are doing well, and do enjoy your family! I am missing mine. They had all planned to come home this summer but it was not meant to be. Happy Summer!

  6. Your yellow treasures have brighten up my day!Great post.Blessings!


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