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Monday, June 8, 2020

Celebration of Wedgwood Blue and White

Are you looking for some comfort during these astounding and unprecidented times? I know we have been...

And to me the combination of blue and white is extremely calming...

I realized I had several items of Wedgwood, England Embossed Queen's Ware on hand, that I hadn't put together for awhile...
so I got some of them together in the sunroom this week...

I had already had the teapot and cream and sugar together on the tea tray in the sunroom, so just added to it...

Queen's Ware, is also called creamware. Josiah Wedgwood, who was besides a wonderfyl potter also a chemist and consumate innovator, discovered the formula in 1762 using local clay. It became called Queen's Ware when he supplied sets to both Queen Charlotte and Catherine the Great.

Much of the pieces I have are from the 1920-1940s and were made in the pottery at Etruria which is an area in Stoke-on-Trent.

Embossed Queen's Ware was made in several different colorways including blue on white, white on blue, green and pink as well as all white...

All have hand applied decorations. These have grapevines and grapes, but there also floral and shell designs.

Blue and wake just makes me happy!

This cylinder lidded box is in Queen's ware with the applied classical figures Wedgwood is so well known for on their jasperware... with palm fronds and a leaf and berry border.

The cup and saucer with matching plate are again in the grapevine design...

as is the tall reeded trumpet shaped flower vase...

and as an isolation treat, I got some of Harrod's Empire Blend No. 34 black tea. When we were going to the UF+K for a month every year and always included a week in London, I stocked up and either carried or shipped it home. Let's hear it for being able to order online!

And we felt like a treat, so I made a simple batch of  Orange Date muffins from an old cookbook I came across cleaning out a cupboard. 

Definitely something to keep me busy while isolating!
How many cupboards have you managed to clean out??? Lol!

We are also spending quite a bit of time in prayer.
So... " May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, guard you heart and mine in Christ Jesus.


  1. Stunning teaset!Made me swoon!Blessings!

  2. What a beautiful collection of Wedgwood china! The only Wedgwood teapots that I own are Christmas ornaments. I'd love to add a real Wedgwood teapot to my collection.

    Thank goodness for online shopping. I've also indulged in some tea purchases to help me get through lockdown living.

  3. Your tea table is so lovely, and I always appreciate the history you provide. The Bible verses are some of my favorites and we sure need those promises, especially now...
    Blessings, Linda


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