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Monday, October 21, 2019

Dungeness Crab And Seafood Festival 2019, By The Sea Dunoon Mug

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...We can sing that a lot around here!

The post I had planned to do today, was interrupted by the happy news that our daughter and son in law were arriving from out of state.
So, it was drop everything and get prepared! Happy chores!
But the photo editing of our recent trip to a special tea house in Victoria, BC will have to wait!

So I am focusing on our seaside location, with a Dunoon, England mug...

In a design by Emma Ball called By The Sea...

Love the watercolor drawings of bathing huts, boats, seagulls, deck chairs and a lighthouse,

With the poem throughout:
Oh we do like to be beside the seaside...
Brightly painted beach huts,
A very British thing!

Available in my shop.... Antiques And Teacups

 The annual Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival in Port Angeles was earlier in the month. PA as we call it) is about 15 miles away, and is where the ferry leaves on the route to Victoria, BC Canada.  Here are some of the photos I have taken at the Festival. Heavy rain had been forecast, but we had our time at the festival and got home before it started.

The Port Angeles Community Pier Clock Tower, the main approach to the festival.

The first order of business is always lunch! The main crab feed plate is corn on the cob and coleslaw from Nash's Organic Farm in Sequim and lots of seafood. The Dungeness crab gets it name from our area...just by Sequim is the Dungeness Spit and Dungeness Lighthouse near the place where the Dungeness River dumps into the ocean. All of the crab had been freshly caught in the last 2 days and kept in tanks until....well, you know!

Above are the huge pots of crab, and below, what I always have...Local Halibut and chips. The halibut was locally caught the day before as well. The best!!!

Outside there was crab for sale, cleaned or not...the high school football team was cleaning it as a fund raiser at $2.00. Then there were crab derbies, arts and crafts, and other seafood and carnival type food booths. The fav outside was the grilled fresh scallops on basil pesto rice.  Here are some other sights around the festival:

And of course, crab was available to take home... wrapped up in the traditional newspaper!

And the local high school fund raising crab cleaning station for those who either want to eat a freshly cooked one right there, or take it home.

Then, of course, local artists and vendors had a fair on the grounds as well.
And, as you can see, a lot of folks dress up in honor of the Dungeness Crab!
What can be more fun than local festivals!
Oh, and there was a tea seller too, so even better!


  1. You had a great time!Pretty mug!Blessings,dear Ruth!

  2. I love seafood so this festival is right up my alley!


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