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Friday, February 15, 2019

Day After Valentine's Day... My Honey's Gift...

As you may have seen on my last post... we were overwhelemd with a record braking snow storm. We had to not use our sunroom for a few days until the 3 feet of snow could be cleared from a low pitch roof not built to handle that kind of snow load.

We were so happy to be back in the sunroom after the clearing and free of the fear of roof collapse. Several similar did collapse in our area, but we are a bit warmer and finally melting, so that seems to be past!

So I set up my tea tray in the sunroom to show off the lovely, lush and HUGE chocolate covered strawberries my Honey got me for Valentine's Day...

You can see how big they are in comparison with the teacups... and just 3 of them filled this George Jones Crescent China, England saucer I used as a plate.

I used a Shelley China, England teacup in the Rosebud pattern which is in the Dainty shape I was photographing for the shop... I always have Shelleys around here, which you know if you know me! Lol!

I also used a Royal Albert, England American Beauty teacup... another favorite pattern I needed to photograph. I just love the lush roses.

I added the tea we are drinking this week... Anniversary Blend from Harney and Sons Tea... because tomorrow, February 16th is our 45th anniversary.

From 1974.... tee hee!  So the tea is really appropriate for this week!

I hope you can see all the snow out the window behind the tea tray... we are still in a white world!

Have a lovely day and a cozy cuppa with a friend... I do daily, with my best friend... my husband!


  1. Well, it's celebration week for you two with Valentine's Day and your Anniversary! Happy Anniversary to a very special couple! I love the Shelley and I have been trying to find an American Beauty set for several years now and I can't seem to find one here. I too love those lush roses and the pink is so pretty. The strawberries look wonderful and won't they be a nice treat with your tea? Enjoy your special day, dear Ruth, and the Lord bless you both!

  2. Happy Anniversary!That photo is absolutely gorgeous!Your post is so sweet...Those teacups made me swoon!Hugs,dear Ruth!

  3. So glad that you can enjoy tea time in your sun room again. The chocolate strawberries look delish and I always admire your Shelley teacups.


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