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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I Heart Large Bone China Mugs! Middleport Pottery

I am just loving there large 12 ounce bone china mugs I found...

The square 12 ounce big mug is like the mug version of a breakfast sized cup and saucer...

And with Valentine's Day coming up... I love the red hearts with the green, blue and yelleow stripes...

They were made by Crown Trent, England in the late 1990s.
Crown Trent is another of the small, independent potteries that emerged in 1980 after the big guys were closed, moved of gobbled up.

I can only applaud the fact they are still producing in Longton, a district of Stoke-on-Trent.

These particular mugs were designed and decorated in England, but made in Roumania... apparently during a works reorganization. From what I hear, all items are now completely made in the UK since 2000.

Another pottery that is producing in England, is the Middleport Pottery, which celebrates it's 130th year this year in 2019.

Middleport is famous for being the home of Burleigh, who have had a resurggence in popularity with their Asiatic Pheasants and Calico ranges.

A few years ago, the pottery was renovated with grants and assistance from Prince Charles and his Princes Regeneration Foundation and Trust.
The old buildings were modernized and sections established as a museum, learning spaces, shop and cafe alongside the working pottery.

It has become a great success, which I am so pleased about!
A wonderful place to visit!


  1. Ruth, that is such good news about the potteries. I would love to visit them.

    1. They are pretty incredible... and the tours are really interesting.

  2. I like big cups and I cannot lie!

  3. I'm not much of a "mug" person, but my favorite mugs are ones I purchased in Cork in the mid 1990s-also Crown Trent. Beautiful floral pattern! I am so glad to hear that they are still in production and I look forward to seeing some teacups from Middleport Potteries. I want to support these potteries.


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