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Monday, April 9, 2018

Tuesday Cuppa Tea New Computer Royal Wedding Teacups and Royal Wedding Cakes

Hi there and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!
I am back on a computer as of Friday, a week after having to replace the hard drive and subsequent problems with getting my business QuickBooks software to restore correctly...at one point for 2 days, it only had information and sales through 2011...didn't dleep that night...
but it is finally back to normal, BUT...
my photo processing software is not supported by Windows 10.
I know a lot of you have been there, so...
I am repeating parts of a popular post from 2011 as we have Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding coming up nexy week, and I know a lot of folks are planning Royal Wedding teas...

And the teacup is by Wedgwood for the Wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981...

I love jasperware, but that's also because I love blue and white, and always loved watching the artisans at the old Wedgwood pottery in Stoke-on-Trent doing the jasperare, applying the whiye jasper figures. You can see demonstrations at the Wedgwood Experience in Barlastan, just outside Stoke. I still miss the old pottery!

The impressed mark is very hard to se...

The Royal Wedding always meant that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana until November, 2010, when Prince William announced the forthcoming wedding to Kate Middleton for 2011. 

In April of 2011 Prince William married Catherine...and we have a few commemorative mugs left...

And now Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle next month, May 19, 2018...and have some English bone china mugs arriving this week...so excited!

So.... I am focusing on Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding cake from 1981....as they were the parents of the Princes...

This photo was found courtesy of Google of the 5 tiered, 5 foot tall Prince Charles and Princess Diana Royal Wedding cake from 1981. A recipe surfaced in 2010 when the traveling Princess Diana exhibit was in Grand Rapids Michigan. The chef at the 1913 Room of the Amway Grand Hotel, next door to the Michigan Art Museum where the Princess Diana Exhibit was being hosted used a recipe from the original chef to make a replica and pieces were available for purchase with their Royal Tea served daily during the exhibit.

Apparently, the only difference from the original cake is that the original had marzipan decorations including the Windsor coat of arms, and the Michigan decorations were made of spun sugar.

These next pictures are of the Michigan cake being prepared at the hotel and of a piece that was part of the Royal tea served during the exhibit. The marzipan decoration here is the Althorp initials. Althorp was Princess Diana's childhood home and also the sponsor of the traveling exhibit.

Here is the recipe:

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Wedding Cake

1 1/4 cup oil
3 eggs, beaten with mixer
1 3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
8 ounces crushed pineapple, with juice
1 1/2 cup chopped bananas
1 cup chopped apples
3/4 cup coconut
3/4 cup chopped nuts
***Princess Diana's Wedding Cake Frosting
8 ounces cream cheese
1/4 cup oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 cups powdered sugar

Grease and flour the bottom of a 9 x 13-inch pan.

Mix together the oil, eggs, sugar and vanilla extract. Sift the dry ingredients; add to mixture. Add remaining ingredients. Bake at 350 
degrees for 48 minutes.

Princess Diana's Wedding Cake Frosting

Mix oil and vanilla extract into cream cheese. Add powdered sugar. Mix well.

The cake, as you can see, was the traditional light fruitcake used at many English weddings. They also had the Queen and Prince William's favority Chocolate Biscuiy Cake at the wedding as well.
Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding cake will be different, as they have chosen a non traditional Lemon and Elderflower Cake instead of the fruitcake, made by a recent American emigrant to the UK at VioletsCakesLondon... this is an example

So thanks for joining me for tea today... for an updated royal tea party look back and look ahead. Hope to have the photo processing solved by next week!

I'll be joining...

Here is the Tuesday Cuppa Tea linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there!  I am so looking forward to visiting you!


  1. I'm glad that your computer is back and working, Ruth. I'm sure that soon your photo issue will be solved. Thanks for the recap and look ahead to another royal wedding, and thanks for hosting. I hope you have a great week.

  2. Thank you for the party, Ruth. Glad you have your computer back! I am in a bit of a rush today as I just received some news about my mother. I'm on my way in to see her now. Please say a prayer for her. God bless...Sandi

  3. You know repeating is just fine and especially with so many great photos! These computers can drive us crazy at times and really be challenging! I always enjoy your British expertise!

  4. Hi Ruth!Thanks for hosting!This post is new for me and very interesting!That Wedgwood blue tea cup is gorgeous and precious!I could see your Face yesterday and I loved your vintage cards and all the treasures you showed there!I wish you a lovely week!Hugs!

  5. Wow, that cake is almost as tall as me! I didn't pay too much attention to the 2011 Royal Wedding so I didn't get any of the special edition royal tea blends. I've learned my lesson and am keeping an eye out for the royal blends commemorating Prince Harry and Megan Markle's wedding. Thanks for hosting and I hope that your photo issues get resolved soon.

  6. Nice to see that your computer is working again..It sure can be stressful...Thanks for the fabulous update on the past wedding and a look at the Prince Harry’s excitement ..... I’m so glad that you shared the Wedding cake recipe ..It looks absolutely yummy...Wedgewood is definitely one of my favourites... especially in the blue ...but you unfortunately don’t see it very often now. ... I always enjoy your informative posts...Have a wonderful day !!!

  7. That's a huge cake. I hear the newly weds coming up are having a lemon cake. How nice. Thanks for hosting. Happy Spring!

  8. Ruth, you obviously got through the computer ordeal okay! Hope it wasn't too bad. What a gorgeous post. Mine is something a little different today, but still tea-related.

  9. Ruth, The royal wedding is approaching! Thanks for hosting and have a great week. Sylvia D.


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