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Monday, April 2, 2018

Computer Upgrade This Week, No Tuesday Cuppa Tea

I hope you had a lovely Easter...
we had heavy winds, so allergies have kept me out of commission for the last couple of days and also...
while renewing my annual business back-up software on Thursday,  found my hardrive for the computer needs to be upgraded...it's 7 years old, so...

Tuesday Cuppa Tea this week...
as I am getting that done. My iPad doesn't like blogger at all, so I wouldn't be able to visit...have had problems doing it this week, so if I missed you I apologize!
Hopefully will be back up for next week...
Now, after doing shipping labels for website sales going today
the final system back up starts and then we disconnect.
Wish me luck!
Hopefully will see you soon!


  1. Hi dear Ruth!Good Luck with your computer issues!I hope you get better soon and thanks for sharing those beautiful flowers!Hugs and best wishes.Maristella.

  2. Best of luck with the computer upgrade, Ruth! My laptop is also 7 years old and due for an upgrade soon. It'll probably be cheaper for me to just buy a new laptop...

  3. Oh Dear ...Computer problems are so stressful ..Wishing good luck and please do try to have a HAPPY day ...Hugs

  4. Oh dear - I hate that too and it seems to come to all of us. Remember when things were supposed to last "forever". Never hear that anymore! Best wishes for computer recovery!

  5. Ruth, I would have had to pull something from the archives for Tuesday Cuppa because I came up with a quick and easy skillet version of my lasagne for this week's post. I hope your allergies have settled down. And your computer, too! I had to get a new computer a few months ago, and that transition is never fun.


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