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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tuesday Cuppa Tea Last Half 2016 In Review Other Noteworthy Things

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! The power is back on, it's slightly warmed up...to almost 30 anyway, and my iPad coaxed by the local Mac group into learning to live with the update it rejected! Life is good!

I am going to finish my 2016 year in review that was so rudely interrupted last week!

July 2016

August 2016

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

And I hope your 2016 was a joy to reflect on. May 2017 be filled with so many good things and cups of tea with friends!

On another subject, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has a birthday on January 9th. She was born in 1982...Happy Birthday!

I love this photo of Catherine drinking tea!

And of course a reminder that January is Hot Tea Month!

Thanks so much for jpining me for tea, and I am so happy I was able to final post the last 6 months of the 2016 review! We haven't had weather this cold and snowy here since, apparently, 1996. We moved here in 2006, so we missed that. We've been wearing our long undies! We used them a lot when we lived in the mountains at 5,000 feet, and I am so glad we hadn't gotten rid of them! Lol!  Had to cancel a neurologist visit it Seattle, but...

I will be joining...assuming the power stays on...

Here is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and I do read every one if I can find and can get to you to visit!  If you comment from Google+…it isn’t easy...so forgive me if I am not replying to comments you so kindly leave...I am trying!


  1. January has the perfect weather for drinking lots of hot cups of tea. Have a 'tea'riffic day.

  2. I'm happy that you were able to get the rest of your review finished from 2016, Ruth. Thanks so much for hosting you tea party.

  3. Glad all is working well for you again, Ruth. These tech problems are never any fun. Glad the power is back on too. We had ourselves a big snow storm yesterday but thankfully we didn't lose our power. It's very cold out today so I'm thankful all is well and we are cozy in our home here on the east coast. Thank you for another interesting post to read and have a lovely day.


  4. So glad that your tech issues have been resolved! Happy 35th Birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge! Last week, I saw the Royals' cute holiday card which used a photo from their Victoria visit. Thank you for hosting, Ruth, and stay warm!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful linky party. I can't even believe I posted something finally - and can join in the fun again. I apologize for how long it has been since I have visited your wonderful blog and participated in the party.

    Hope you have a wonderful new year with much happy tea sipping!

  6. Ruth, glad you got to finish your article that was so rudely interrupted by weather! I have a question for you: See that teapot in Bernideen's link photo? I have the same teapot! And my question is about something on the bottom. It has in gold hand lettering "1886 BT." I know that 1886 is the Sadler pattern number, but what is the BT? Thank you for hosting.

    1. Hi Jean...I don't see a backstamp mark, so am not sure which teapot you mean. If it is written on, it is probably the gilder's mark, as you say it is in gold. Not all gilders signed, but some did. Without seeing it...that's my best guess. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and your great giveaway!

  7. You have had some lovely teas indeed! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Beautiful year in review Ruth! I didn't know this was National Tea Month. Glad that I took time to enjoy tea! :) Thanks for hosting.

  9. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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