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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Lavender Festival Weekend Coming UP!

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! It's so nice to get together with my friends over a cup of tea! 

I amdoing a combo post here. As many of you know, my husband has been dealing with an infection for the last month and has had to go through 2 sets of antbiotics...one of them twice...to finally get it taken care of. Last week we spent the total of 3 1/2 days at doctor's waiting rooms, offices and labs...one lab had a wait time to even get in to the techs of 75 minutes! But...on our final doctor's visit of last week on Friday, we were told his labs had finally come back clear, so he is fully recovered! Hooray! But...wasn't able to get the post I had intended done, so I am coming up with something else.  

So...as it's our annual Sequim Lavender Festival, here is a Lavender themed English bone china botanical mug from Crown Trent....

Notice the botanical name at the bottom....I will be picking up some Lavender English Breakfast Black Tea from a local lavender farm that I like this week....now on to:

This week is Sequim's annual Lavender Festival, and this is this year's festival poster. The Lavender Festival features a farm tour, street fair, crafts, hot air balloon rides, music venues, lavender themed food of EVERY variety...if you can eat it, here it will have lavender in it! The festival opens with the street fair on Thursday and continues through the weekend.  There are 30 Lavender farms in a 10 mile radius of town, so...it is everywhere!

We go to the street fair, and then sorta hibernate...because we have to 30,000 extra residents for the Festival...even the ferry from Victoria, BC is sold out for both cars and walk ons for the Festival....

In 2011, we attended a Lavender Festival George Washington themed Lavender tea at the George Washington Inn Bed & Breakfast and Washington Lavender Farm, one of the farms on the Festival Farm tour, and this is a bit of a repeat of that post.

This first photo is courtesy of the George Washington Inn, all the rest were taken by me.

 This Lavender Festival in 2011 was the first time it had rained on the Festival proceedings in 15 years. And Friday from 3 pm and through most of the night it poured!  Usually if we have anything this time of year it's sort of a misty rain.  We wondered about our farm tour, but there was some sun attempting a come back and we headed on our tour. At the George Washington Inn, which lies right on the coast of the Strait Of Juan de Fuca, fog prevailed. You can acyually look out behind the house, and the sun porch where we tea was planned and see Victoria, BC Canada across the Strait. No such luck on Saturday. We were sad for the folks who didn't even know the coast, beach or Victoria were even there!

This was the view of the barn which houses the coffee shop, gift shop and plant nursery through the fog.

Approaching the Inn up the curved drive. The house is an exact replica outside of George Washington's Mount Vernon, although the inside is more open and modern.  Above the door was a bunting flag and a plaque put there by the owners: 

The George Washington Inn
Dedicated to The Glory Of God And The Faith of George Washington
February 16, 2008

Here are the tables set for the tea before we entered. There were several seatings, we were at the 12:30 pm, 2nd seating. The location is along the entire of the back of the house in an enclosed sun porch overlooking the coast and the Strait....which you couldn't see!

The china was patterned with purple and white, the flowers were lavender and calla lilies and there was a card with info about the Inn, the menu and a recipe for Washington Lavender Tea Biscuits and a packet of culinary lavender to make them.

The first course 

English Lavender Raspberry Black tea

Black Forest Ham & Lavender Cheddar Scones
Dried Cherry & Orange Biscuits
Fresh Lavender Tea Biscuits
Apricot Butter
Honey Lemon Butter
Raspberry Lavender Butter

The Second Course

Petite Spinach & Swiss Quiche
Smoked Salmon Mousse Filled Cucumber Cups
Lavender Cream Cheese Turkey Finger Sandwiches

The Third Course

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Assorted Petit Fours
Raspberry/Lemon Lavender Cheesecake

The catering for the tea was done by a local caterer, Cameron's Custom Catering in Sequim and was very nicely done. My Honey felt there should have been another sandwich added, but.... I spoke to the owners of the Inn Dan & Janet and we discovered we had mutual friends, which was fun. The tea for the Festival was a one off, but it has caused them to consider adding a monthly afternoon tea. There aren't too many places in our area for tea, so we would certainly welcome that.

So there you have it...hopefully I will have more fun Lavender Festival photos by next weekend...looking forward to the hot air balloons this year!

Below is the list of some of the blog parties I will be part of and there is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit!


  1. How fun- a lavender festival! I so enjoyed my recent lavender picking in Oregon and having a festival around it would be a great event. Love this year's poster. I collect that style of naive art. The lavender themed tea was well put together as far as the table setting and menu. So nice to see the lavender theme really carried through. Glad your husband's infection is gone.

  2. So glad your hubby is okay now. Loving all the lavender and the interesting post.

    1. Hi Ruthie. Hope you are well and thanks for the visit! Have a wonderful week, and keep the kettle on... :)

  3. It is so sweet that you took the time to share this lovely, misty Lavender Festival with us. It is most important that you two take care of yourselves. An outing sounds like the perfect remedy. BTW your website is simply beautiful.

  4. How wonderful that your hubby's health has improved and that the infection has gone.
    The lavender festival sounds like such a fabulous event and the tea you attended looks out of this world! I look forward to seeing more picture, Ruth. Thank you for having us to tea, even with your hectic week that you had.

  5. Ruth, I am so glad your hubby is feeling better! They are a worry when they are not well, that's for sure!
    I love your pretty mug and oh my, those fields of lavender are incredibly gorgeous. A heavenly fragrance must greet you there. The tea room looks fabulous and how lovely they treat you with a packet of lavender to use in making your own tea biscuits. Thank you for your interesting post and hosting your party even though you have been very busy. Have a beautiful day, my friend.


  6. I am so glad that your husband is feeling better and that the infection is gone! This post was so interesting. I love lavender and would love to attend such a festival. I live in St. Petersburg and have a very difficult time growing lavender. I am on my fourth try. I love the poster of the festival. It looks like it belongs in a child's story book.

  7. So glad to hear that your husband is well on the way to being well ... yeehaw! One day I'm going to make the lavender festival in Washington. Love the mug. Fun post. Happy Tea Day and thanks for hosting!

  8. That lavender festival looks fantastic.... love all the photos! And that lavender tea - oh my goodness! If we weren't on the other side of the country, we would definitely be attending this event!

  9. I'm happy to hear that your husband beat the infection. Hopefully, you can now both enjoy your summer.

    The Lavender Festival looks so much fun! Wished that I lived closer so that I can attend it!

    I'm drawn to exotic flavours so I was intrigued by the English Lavender Raspberry Black tea!

  10. Oh what a beautiful Lavender Festival, it looks very interesting, and probably very fragrant too? The table setting for you tea is very pretty... :-)

  11. Glad your hubby's ok. Oooopo! I can smell the lavender gragrance! What a lovely tea!....Christine

  12. Wonderful! I do miss PNW terribly---all the misty fog and fields of lavender, tulips, and more! Not a lot of that in Northwest Arkansas! Ha! Thanks for providing great photos from home!


  13. I have never heard of the George Washington Inn. How beautiful! I do love the Lavender Festival in Sequim and wish I was going to be in the area for it. Enjoy!

  14. Beautiful spot. Scrumptious tea. Perfect afternoon. Glad to hear your husband is doing better.

  15. OMG Ruth ..How lovely is this festival... Such a grand display of pictures...I would love to attend...a misty moisty day day of lavender...and I can well imagine the scent. It's good news that your hubby is feeling better and that you are on the mend...Drink lots of warm tea and relax this week, my friend...Hugs

  16. I sure hope your husband feels better soon. I've enjoyed all of the beautiful lavender and would certainly enjoy visiting a lavender farm....or two! Thanks for sharing your photos my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  17. What a beautiful post- I just love lavender - we have a few small farms around but I would love to go to a festival- what a lovely tea and treats-
    Sounds like your husbands illness is behind him- so glad he's feeling better :)

  18. What a fabulous lavender post, Ruth! Your photos are gorgeous. I attended a lavender festival on Saturday and will be blogging about it sometime this week. ~ Phyllis

  19. I would love to attend a lavender fair that included a tea! How exciting to go in and see the tables set up and the menu was delectable.
    Get well wishes for your hubby!

  20. How beautiful the lavender fields are! Great festival and love your post... so interesting!
    Happy your hubby is better dear Ruth.
    Thanks for the sweet tea party.

  21. Hi Ruth,
    Sorry I am late to link up today. Summer has been very busy for me. Oh how I love your lavender mug and the gorgeous Lavender Tea and Festival pics. The china is so lovely against the mauve table cloths. Lavender is very beautiful and I do wish it would bloom all year long. Happy Tea Day and Thank you Dear Tea Friend for hosting today! Karen

  22. Oh my goodness Ruth, this is my kind of place. A lavender festival and tea at this gorgeous estate?? What a dream.

    Everything looks gorgeous. I especially love that delicate lavender china on the table. So so pretty.

    Thank you for taking us along. Happy cuppa tea Tuesday.


  23. Ruth that Inn is a beautiful location for tea and a festival! Thanks for hosting!

  24. What a fun way to spend the day. such a pity it was so foggy and wet on this particular day.


  25. I'm glad to hear your husband is feeling better. That tea menu looks so delicious!

  26. Oh Ruth, what a delightful place to visit! Another blogging friend shared her experience at a Lavender Festival and it was the first I had heard of it. How I enjoyed your lovely pictures and seeing the fields of lavender....my, what beauty!

    Thank you for joining Roses of Inspiration this week - you have been missed! Love and hugs!

  27. Ruth, how I wish I'd been there! I've always wanted to visit that part of the country, and this would have been the perfect occasion for me. All the photos are wonderful, but I especially like the one of the barn in the fog. Fog is my second favorite weather, after rain.

  28. The Lavender fields are lovely, great pictures even with the rainy day!

  29. This lavender festival sounds like a dream! I would like to see and visit (and eat!) everything you showed. What a delightful post!

  30. Sorry to arrive here so late to comment on last week's posting which you did. The food looks incredible at your Afternoon Tea. What lovely little savory pies. I think you timed it right for your adventure and what a sweet posting.

  31. Hi Ruth, hope your hubby is feeling better! I love lavender and have attended a festival here in UT before and it was a lot of fun. The poster is darling and it sounds like a fabulous time! There's nothing quite like the sight of a lavender farm. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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