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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea - Shelley Fruit Center Teacup and Fall Wanderings

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful fall Teacup Tuesday. It has been typically coastal here this week...veering from the low 80s....summer for us...to the 50s when the coastal marine layer is sucked in by the heat. But that's why we love it here...like Goldilocks, we can say "Not too hot, not too cold, just right!"

Fall here in the Pacific Northwest is really my favorite time here. Lovely! I have chosen a fall themed teacup in a pattern called Fruit Center by my favorite Shelley China, England that was only made the last 3 years the company was in existence from 1963-1966. The shape is called Boston, and I love the blushing pink color!

I love the delicate scalloped rim, gold trim and lush fruit. This area is famous for organic growers, so we have a lot of wonderful organic produce available...

Among Shelley collectors, there is an ongoing discussion as to whether the fruit is apples or peaches along with the grapes and currants. Living in a state famous for our apples, I tend to side with the apple faction, but it's not clear at all! What do you think???

The pattern number is 14208, which is why I know when it was made, as it is listed in the Shelley Pattern books. the slash after that number, and the following 39, means that is was made in more than one exterior colorway, and 39 designates blush pink.  F or more info on the pale pink Fruit Center teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

Speaking of fall and fruit, I was visiting a past September/October issue of Victoria Magazine which is a favorite thing to do as I have my afternoon tea in our sunroom.  I loved the apple pie on the front...doesn't that look delicious? 

And inside I enjoyed the fact that there were many articles about England which is my second home.  But there were also great articles like the ones above. The top was part of the ongoing Touring section and features the Inn At Montchanin Village in Delaware. I was taken by the lovely display of transferware.  The bottom photo is of the pages titled The Flavor Of Fall and featured many great recipes. I have made so many from my collection of Victoria...some are family favorites and made often.

A few weeks ago on a day out, we drove to the little town of Quilcene on the other edge of Olympic National Park from our side and found a neat little shop called The Picket Fence.

Nestled in the Olympic National Forest just off Highway 101 it was such a pretty site for a shop filled with lots of vintage and hand made items by local artisans and lots of bird items. The photo above is the totally deformed a bent over trunks of 2 living cedar trees that they are suing as a side for their flower bed. Amazing! It was a great stop! They even have a website which is fun! The Picket Fence.

We stopped for lunch at the Olympic Timber House restaurant in Quilcene which we had passed a million times but made a point of stopping today. It has a great reputation and ambiance. Built by loggers over several years in the 1940s...the bar was built first and the rest was built after drinks following their days work...the restaurant features elegant yet rustic decor. I especially like the tables which are log slabs and the bases which are branches. And the food was excellent!!!

And lastly...and I have posted this before, but...my daughter has a do sitting business and sent us this photo of one of her charges, a Corgi puppy that was having trouble with a recent heat wave and climbed into the family room floor drinks fridge. Our daughter had been told the puppy loved it, so she let the puppy stay and cool off. The door won't shut because the puppy is too wide & it's a mini fridge so that was no worry.

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I hope you can join the linky below with a tea related post. Remember, it is SSLLLOOOOOOWbyt it does show up! I would love your comments, and will reply, but for the next couple of weeks I will be slow, as we are visiting, being visited and generally enjoying the best season here...fall! Have a great week!


  1. Hello Ruth,
    What a gorgeous Shelley teacup. I love the fruit pattern inside and they look like juicy peaches to me. Love the scalloped rim on the cup! Cute corgi too. Have a lovely day.


  2. Hi dear Ruth!
    Thank you so much for another lovely tea party. The Shelley teacup is simply gorgeous! I'm so missing my Victoria magazine subscription I had, as they don't sell it in the stands in this country because they're in English, of course.
    Have a great week.

  3. Sorry Ruth, I have to say peaches on the teacup because of the crease down the side.
    I have my issue of Victoria but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Quaint little shop you visited and the corgi in the fridge in priceless1
    Thanks for hosting tea each week.

  4. What a pretty tea cup. My daughter has a Corgi. She will enjoy seeing this one. And you do find the most interesting shops!

  5. What a lovely teacup, Ruth, and the fruit at the bottom of the cup is a wonderful surprise. I'm thinking the fruit pattern is peaches, but whatever it is, it is so pretty. It sounds like you had a fun trip at some great stops.

  6. Hi Ruth,
    I love that Shellley! Gorgeous shade of pink. So pretty! It has a similar scalloped rim to the teacup that I am sharing today. Isn't if fun to discover new shops when travelling?
    Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Have a wonderful week! Karen

  7. My Goodness! This Shelley cup and saucer is a beauty with fruit center. We were in Oregon two years ago a this town you visited reminds me of Sisters, Oregon. The pup photo is priceless and perfect way to cool off! Have a fabulous week!


  8. Very pretty teacup! It looks like peaches to me too because of the crease on the side. I don't believe I've ever seen an apple with a crease.

  9. The teacup is beautiful! Love the warm colors and the fruits in it. That puppy is so cute and the way he has positioned himself, lol....Christine

  10. Love the Shelley fruit tea cup and because peaches are one of my favorites -- I'm hoping that's a peach in the bottom of the cup! Fun post .. I love to adventure with you! Thanks for hosting and Happy Tea Day!

  11. That teacup is so gorgeous! It does look like a peach to me, but whatever it is, the pattern is beautiful! The little dog is adorable! Thanks for hosting Ruth. And, oh yes, I love my Victoria magazine!

  12. Thanks for hosting! Reviewing my old magazines this weekend too.

  13. Hello Ruth! Oh, I am envious of your weather! Sounds wonderful. Great teacup and photos. Your puppy is adorable :)
    Have a great week and thx for hosting~

  14. Hi Ruth! Very pretty teacup. I'm guess that it is a peach because of the dimple (or crease?) in the fruit. I like flipping through old magazines too, although my latest thing is to take them apart and keep only the things I really like in a book of ideas--otherwise it's just too much!

  15. Hi Ruth: A beautiful Shelley for us to feast on. Thank you so much and enjoy your time with family. Blessings, Martha

  16. I had no idea that Shelley closed in the sixties. You always have such delightful tidbits of information, and delicious tea cups!

  17. What a lovely blog and link up.... so many beautiful items... thank you. :)

  18. The teacup is lovely. I will have to stop at the little shop, as I have passed that one by so many times. It is darling. Have you enjoyed your summer Ruth? It's been a busy one, heh?

  19. Oh, I love that pretty blush pink color! I'm torn about whether it's apples or peaches, though. The dimpled shape looks like peaches, but peaches aren't that shiny. Maybe they were trying to have it both ways so fans of both fruits would want this teacup! :)

  20. Hi Ruth..... thanks for visiting my Wishin Well.... especially on error / monetize!! I'm a do it myselfer- tried to google and read up on removal.... I make some changes.. Will u re-visit and let me know if I fixed the popup'S??? You are a doll!!! See ya


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