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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, My Grandmother And Me

I originally had this scheduled for last week while we were out of town with the kids & grandsons...but it never published!!! Don't know what I do incorrectly, but...anyway, here it is a week late!

Hello! It's time for Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Because I we are spending time with our son, daughter, their spouses and a grandson from each family this week, I am attempting to schedule this post. 

The post is a flash back to August of 2011. Many have asked how I started loving vintage things, and this explains it!

This is my grandmother, Emma Bridgewater, who began and fostered my love of antiques and Victoriana. Yep...her name really was Emma Bridgewater and she was born in Leicester, England in 1881. She was born Emma Rice (unlike the potter Emma Bridgewater who was born Bridgewater and married a Rice!) and remembers going in a carriage in 1897 when she was 16 to watch the village roasting oxen on the green to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. She couldn't attend because she was just recovering from scarlet fever.

The photo above is Emma participating in a play at age 18 as part of a dramatic society she belonged to.  I inherited her curly hair...and a few health problems as well, by that's by the by. ANYWAY, it was growing up listening to her memories of Victorian England while we had our afternoon tea that formed my love of the period. Then, when I was 16 she gave me her teapot and teacups. I have an older sister who was offered them first, but she was into Danish modern so I got all the family Victoriana. Yippee!!!

This is one of the teacups I received from my grandmother. The design is sn ethereal watercolor of swans and was made in Germany in the 1880s. It has a crack and a chip, but I treasure it!

This is another of my grandmother's teacups that I treasure. This is a Haviland, Limoges from the 1880s that is just beautiful and is a Victorian and Art Nouveau design, all hand painted.

In the top photo of the hair locket I inherited from my grandmother as well that is hand made and hand engraved and originally had a lock of hair in the back covered with an eisenglass window. After marrying George Bridgewater, another Englishman in Leicester, England, Emma became a nurse and decided that the hair was unsanitary and removed it. It is one of my favorite momentos of  her and I wear it often.

So there are my teacups. I do hope we survive the week with the 23 year old and 18 year old grandson...and our son who is usually referred to as the Activities Director! We have been phoning and texting around the family trying to set up what we are going to be doing...I guess he gets his organizing from me! Lol! 

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  1. Oh, Ruth! Your grandmother's teacups are just exquisite. From your photos, they seem to be very alike in color, too. Gorgeous! Happy Tea Day and Thanks for hosting!

  2. What wonderful memories and how lucky the cups got into the hands of the person who would appreciate them - you! Best wishes for a happy visit with family. I am counting the days until the Girl Child returns to college.

  3. You are lucky to have wonderful memories of tea with your grandmother, and then to have inherited some of her precious things. The teacups are both pretty and the locket is a nice keepsake.

  4. Ruth, the history of your grandmother and her love of Victorianna is interesting. You must have some very lovely memories. The teacups are just precious. You sound like a busy lady too. I'm about ready for a holiday myself after all the company we've had this summer. Thank you for sharing your lovely post and joining me for tea.


  5. What amazing heirlooms, Ruth! I would have loved them anyway, but to know the family stories behind them makes them all the more lovely to me -- and no doubt to you as well!

  6. What wonderful teacups from your grandmother, Ruth! I can see why you treasure them. I love seeing her picture. Thank you for hosting and enjoy your week

  7. Ruth: What a wonderful picture of your grandmother. Thanks for sharing you stories of sharing tea with her. How wonderful to talk to someone who was alive when Victoria was queen! Your grandmother's teacups are beautiful, especially the one with the swan.

  8. Hi Ruth: Love that information about your grandmother. The you shared is stunning. Have a wonderful time with your family. Blessings, Martha

  9. Thank you for hosting! I would love some Emma Bridgewater pottery! Great story about your Grandmother!

  10. This story is just as good as the first time. The photo, the story, the tea cups!

  11. Pictures, family, and remembrances in a teacup!

  12. Hi Ruth,
    Your grandmother's vintage teacups are gorgeous and she was beautiful too. Thank you for hosting today. Take care,

  13. Hi Ruth, I enjoyed seeing your grandmother's teacups and picture. I know those are cherished items! Thank you for hosting and enjoy your time with family!

  14. Ruth, that picture of your grandmother is absolutely priceless! The teacups are gorgeous also. Love the color of the one with the swans! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Ruth, I adore family history, anyone's! Wonderful picture and oh, the teacups are just too beautiful for words.
    Sounds like you enjoyed your Alaska trip tool
    Welcome home.


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