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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Savoring The Summer, June Things

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea, the first of the official summer!!

Saturday was June 21st, the day of the Summer Solstice...the longest day of the year...

Summer is really only starting here in the Pacific Northwest, but the longer daylight is quite nice.  June 21st is also the reason for my teacup choice today...as it's Prince William, the Duke Of Cambridge, who was born 32 years ago on June 21, 1982 to Prince Charles & Princess Diana...

And my teacup is a commemorative of that day...

The teacup is made by Duchess, England...

Notice that it only says the birth of their first child, with no name. This was one of the first teacups released, before the name was announced. But Duchess wanted to be first to the market.  Not many birth teacups were made at all. The design itself, slightly altered, was one of the approved designs first used for the wedding of Charles & Diana in 1981, in case you thought it looked familiar.

Duchess was a mark of A.F. Finney, named after the pottery building in Longton it took over from the Blyth(e) pottery founded in 1905. Duchess survived until 1969 when it was submerged in the Toms Investor group, which was then acquired by Grimwades in 1990. At the moment, the works are not use.

And now William and Kate have their own prince George!  And for his 32nd birthday, his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth has gifted him with his own helicopter, which he can fly himself if necessary, to use for the couple's official engagements...

The British press have dubbed the helicopter "Heirforce One"...

And today, I am joining Sandi for her Savour The Summer tea at Rose Chintz Cottage...

I had tea in the sunroom today thinking of Sandi's tea party, and in honour of that had sunny lemon cookies and a my tea in a Shelley China, England yellow Celandine patterned teacup in the Lincoln shape...

And I am having a cup of Assam black tea given my by our son and daughter in law made by Nottingham Tea. It was nice but a bit strong, so I needed some sugar, and I don't take milk. But I raised my teacup to toast Sandi and summer!

So please visit Sandi and savour the summer! For more info on the commemorative teacup at Antiques And Teacups, just click on the photos above . And be sure to link your tea related post with the linky below, but please be patient as it is sometimes very SLOW!


  1. Thank you Ruth for hosting, and a look back at the royals. I remember getting up early to watch Charles and Diana get married, just 2 months after I got married. I hadn't heard of Heirforce One -- funny! I love Assam tea, the stronger the better! Have a great week Ruth!

  2. Hello Ruth,
    Oh my, what a lovely walk down memory lane! I remember that wedding day in 1981 and the birth of Prince William in '82 so very well. Those were exciting times! Your teacup is lovely and your tea time looks just like a summer day with your sunny yellow and blue. Thank you for hosting and joining me for my special tea party this week. Have a beautiful day, my friend.


  3. I enjoyed reading your post today, Ruth, and seeing the teacup with Charles and Diana. Your Shelley teacup is another beauty and perfect with your lemon cookies. Thank you for hosting your lovely party.

  4. Hi Ruth, I enjoyed reading your post today about the Royals. Time is flying by when you see Prince William now 32 and a daddy. I haven't done a post with a tea time in a while so will have to get on that soon. Happy summer to you!

  5. Another lovely post from you today. I had that cup and saucer and also the one commemorating their wedding. Unfortunately I gave them away to a friend. I do love that Shelley tea cup. Lemon is a favorite flavor so I know I would have liked those cookies.

  6. Your post brought back happy memories of two special events that I followed with the rest of the royal watchers around the world.
    Your teacup and lemon cookies are very nice.

  7. What a lovely post you have shared Ruth ...it was great to take a journey back in time with Royals. Wishing you a fabulous summer ..hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

  8. I always love reading up on the Royals, and your sunny yellow teatime setting is lovely!

  9. Thanks for sharing that interesting teacup and about Prince William's birth. Thanks also for the laugh about "Heirforce One!" That's great! The yellow in your Shelley teacup and the accompanying cookies make for the perfect summer tea. :)

  10. Hi Ruth,
    I am a little late to link up today because it was my son's wedding yesterday. Hopefully I will have some pics ready for next week's post. I am always amazed with your collections of Britain's history in teacups. I love the new baby one. Also you Shelley is so lovely. You have quite a collection of Shelley teacups too! Your tea in the sunroom is very pretty today. Wish I could join you and have a yummy cookie with you! Thank you for hosting tea today! Happy Summer! Karen

  11. Your lemony treats really pop against your royal blue cloth. You always choose such lovely things. Happy Summer!

  12. I always learn something when I visit - and always enjoy the lovely photos. Thank you for hosting!

  13. Hi Ruth, wet and cool here too...ah, the northwest. So fun to read your post full of interesting facts and great pix. Sandi is such a delight.


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