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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea - Celebrations And Special Days

Hell and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! So glad you were able to join me during this busy summer season!

So many wonderful things going on! It was difficult to choose what to share this week... so here goes! First of all, I want to wish my other half, John a Happy Birthday! Taken in the sunroom. 40 years of marriage, and I'd love 40 more with my best friend!

Next,  I want to wish my Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day, which is July 1st. Have a great one! We are so close to Victoria BC that if it's fairly clear we see the fireworks sometimes!

Now for my teacup this week for Tuesday Cuppa Tea...the closest I could find to a red, white and blue is red roses and blue Forget-me-nots on a white bone china teacup...

This is a quatrefoil, not round, cup and saucer by Clarence, England from the 1950s...

Love the color combo of the pinky red and blue against the white...

The maker, Clarence is a trade name of the Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd of Staffordshire potteries too small to market successfully on their own. The co-op was started in 1946 and lasted until 1968 when a lot of potteries were failing.  A similar grouping of small potteries under a wholesaler until it's demise in 2009 was Royal Patrician, and now is reorganizing again under several different names but using a wholesale distributor to help maximize exposure. At least pottery is still being made in Staffordshire!!! For more info on the teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

My choice of teacup was because of our upcoming 4th of July!  I love to celebrate the beginning of our freedom...by this is how my Brit husband celebrates...

He always hangs out the Union Jack, although the US flag is also prominently in evidence...our neighbors love it and think it's hilarious!

I had a simple patriotic tea in the sunroom today, with my patriotic decor balls, Rosebud plate by Royal Doulton and blue and white transferware Bristol by Crown Ducal...a variation on the Asiatic Pheasants pattern...

The table is one I painted in the 198s when painted furniture was a big thing. It is the perfect small table for tea by the wicker chair in the sunroom in the afternoon...

It has leaves that fold away when not in use. The rest of the time it serves as an end table to the wicker chair. I had a lovely cranberry orange and almond scone I made a few days ago....perfect!

Last for today, June 30th is the 120th anniversary of the opening of Tower Bridge in London...an iconic landmark.  Here are several photos from a couple of visits, including some taken from the Thames from a lunch/sightseeing cruise we did...

One visit we took the Tower Bridge Experience which takes you inside to see how the bridge decks are opened using the gigantic cantilevered bascules.  When the bridge was opened, it was an architectural and engineering marvel...and it still is!

You enter from the Southwark side and if you go, be prepared for lots of stairs, or long elevator waits. But it is fascinating! Tower Bridge was designed to blend in architecturally with the MUCH older Tower of London and I think it's a wonderful accompaniment!  So happy birthday Tower Bridge!

So thanks for visiting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Our best wishes for your Canada Day or 4th of July.

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  1. Happy Birthday to John! What a pretty cup and saucer set and I like your red white and blue setting as well.

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby! It's a week of celebrations for both Canadians and Americans. Happy Fourth of July, Ruth! Your Clarence teacup is a lovely choice for your tea today and I like the blue and white transferware too. As always, it's a pleasure to join your party. Have a lovely week.


  3. Your husband looks so happy in the photo and a Happy Birthday to him. Your celebration of the 4th by flying his British flag and your American flag is precious and I agree with your neighbors. Your Clarence cup and saucer wit the red, white and blue colors is perfect for the 4th. I especially enjoyed the history of the co-op potteries. I am also glad they are still making china in England. Have a great 4th and fly both flags!


  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby, Ruth! I love your pretty teacups and your patriotic tea time. I would love a scone to share with you on your porch. Thanks for hosting and Happy 4th and for flying both flags!

  5. Hi Ruth,
    I love your patriotic tea! Such lovely teacups you have shared again today. Your London pics are wonderful too! Happy Anniversary, Happy Canada Day and Happy July 4th! Karen

  6. Happy Birthday! Ruth, this post is just chuck full of good stuff. Happy 4th of July!

  7. Happy Canada day too! Thank you for the lovely party dear Ruth and may you have a wonderful patriotic week, along with your family.

  8. Here I was waiting to see you come up and indeed you were very early! This is a lovely posting! Enjoy your holiday!

  9. Full post , Ruth, it's great enjoyment reading all your bits and bobs!
    And I certainly hope you're sitting in that Canadian chair for fireworks today =) EnJoy!
    I'll be watching them here too, once we've all celebrated the Canada TeaTime at FHC!!

  10. This is my very first time linking up on your blog! I learned about your blog through Miss Kathy at The Writers Reverie! Thanks for hosting.

    ~ Haley

  11. How funny he hangs out the Union Jack! Happy Birthday! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Happy Birthday to your hubby and congrats on 40 years. We celebrate our 42nd anniversary today and often tell the kids the fireworks for July 1 are for our anniversary - they haven't bought it yet!
    I believe I have a teacup with the same shape and now I know more about it, of course I always learn something new in your posts Ruth.

  13. Beautiful patriotic tea and the scone looks so good! Darling table and love how you painted it. Wonder if the Tower Bridge is the same" London Bridge is falling down" song us kids use to sing back in the 50's!

  14. I love the teacups you've shared today! The cup with red roses and blue forget-me-nots is perfect for July Fourth, and I also like that Crown Ducal in blue. I bought a pretty blue and white teacup on eBay last week that arrived and is lovely, but it's so small I can't sip a normal-sized cup of tea from it. (I write about it on my blog tomorrow and how I SHOULD have paid attention to the description.) And THANK YOU for educating me on the word "quatrefoil," as I know immediately what that means and may even have a few in that shape, just didn't know the name as it applies to teacups! Oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  15. Happy birthday to your husband! The Union Jack is hilarious! Thanks for hosting and I really enjoyed going through your pictures.

  16. Hi Ruth! Blessings to you this week of the 4th! And - how grand to have the Union Jack flying with the stars and stripes. Love your Clarence rose cup - so clean and classic. I always enjoy the little facts and figures you share about England, too. Living my trip there vicariously through your posts . . .

  17. Ruth, thank you for inviting me to Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Your blog is lovely and I so enjoyed all the photos. And you're so fortunate to travel to faraway places! I was going to link to the Tues Cuppa Tea, but it looks like it's closed. I'll come by next week!

  18. Hi Ruth: I hope you had a wonderful 4th! Love the Clarence tea cup. Blessings, Martha


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