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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea! It's Our 40th Anniversary!

Hello and welcome to a special edition of Tuesday Cuppa Tea, because today is our 40th wedding anniversary!

Besides being time for our weekly meme Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

The special day decided my choice of a teacup for today....

I found I had an anniversary cup and saucer, perfect for today!

This pretty bone china teacup was made from 1959 to 1966 by Princess Anne China, England...a subsidiary of Shore & Coggins. 

Shore And Coggins manufactured fine china in Staffordshire between 1911-1966, which was when many other potteries closed as well, including Shelley China.  I love the way the words are made of blossoms, petals and leaves. So pretty! The saucer also has lighted candles amid the flowers. Very romantic!
For more info on the teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

But...here is our vintage moment...40 years on....

Our big day, February 16th 1974. Soooo 1970s.....

I couldn't find my wedding album for more photos...things have been a bit bananas around here with the burst pipe in the garage just before as we came home from our family holiday, followed by insurance adjusters, ServPro, nights in a hotel, and then got home and found out our heat pump wasn't working. So we are a bit disrupted. We were to go out to dinner for our anniversary to a favorite restaurant today, but my honey caught a cold out supervising things in the cold garage, so that's postponed. No worries...after 40 years...for the best really, it's 5pm and pouring and windy and snow expected tonight....possibly 4 feet just out of door in the Olympic Mountains, so we are glad to stay home and watch the Olympics and Downton Abbey and go out when he's better.

We were married on the San Francisco peninsula...we worked in Menlo Park and Palo Alto, so we honeymooned in Carmel. The fun thing, was when we got out to my blue mustang (which was running better than John's car at the time) after the reception to leave for the honeymoon, the best man & friends had decorated the wrong car!  WooHoo!

Going to the Lone Pine was special, because my grandfather, who was a Listed Artist, painted it and we now have the painting in our living room...

Our favorite thing was breakfast or tea at the Tuck Box tea room. Tuck Box is an English boarding school term for the allotment of sweets you are allowed to have held and doled out to you each term, so for us Brits that was perfect. That was before everyone photographed food, so the next 2 photos are from TripAdvisor of a teapot and the Scottish scones they serve and served then....

I bought this kit to cross stitch when we visited Carmel last, about 6 years ago when John's sister and brother visited from England. The design is by painter Marty Bell, but I haven't gotten to it yet....

I hope the weather has cooperated for you wherever you are, and that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day...ours was with ServPro....Below is some of the blogs i will be visiting and a linky for you to link your tea related post. I'd love to hear from you. It's a honor to have you visit and share our special day with us!

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  1. A wonderful post of your 40th anniversary, Ruth. The teacup and saucer are so pretty and unique. What a beautiful place to go for your honeymoon. The tea shop is so quaint. When I went to camp as a girl we were allowed 'tuck' money every day to go to the tuck shop and buy treats like candy and potato chips. I am sorry to hear of the water break and flood in your garage. That would not be fun so I hope things are settled now. Stay safe in this storm. I hope you get to go out to celebrate somewhere special soon.

  2. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary Ruth. We were married in '72 so I can identify with the wedding attire.
    The anniversary teacup is pretty and I hope you two manage to get out together soon to celebrate this special milestone.

  3. Happy 40th Anniversary! Your blog tribute is beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the tea cups and tea pots, and the needlework! The wedding picture is so pretty, love the wide-brim hat!


  4. Happy Anniversary! And many more!

  5. Hi Ruth, Congratulations on your anniversary! You were a beautiful bride, Ruth! Love your teacups and love the travel photos too.

  6. Happy 40th Anniversary, and I hope your sweetheart is feeling better very soon!

  7. Happy 40th Anniversary Ruth! What an amazing milestone! We were married in '72 so the 70's attire is so familiar. I was supposed to wear a hat too as I have always loved them but the lady who made my outfit also made me a matching headpiece so I wore it instead. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon. Your teacup really is a lovely one and perfect for sharing today.


  8. Happy 40th Anniversary ! You looked brilliant ... hope your hubby is feeling better. Thank you for hosting and sharing such a lovely teacup!! loving the yellow rose surrounded by the flowers. xo C. (HHL)

  9. Hello Ruth
    Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary - well done!
    A lovely look back to your special day.
    I love the cute Tuck Box tea room - reminiscent of old English cottages.
    lovely embroidery to do one day.... it would make such a sweet cushion!
    We celebrate 44 years in April so hard to believe!

    I'm joining your party today - thank you so much for hosting!

  10. Congratulations on your 40th. We just got to 48. Sometimes though doesn't it just seem like yesterday. I love the cute Tuck Box Tea Room. I would like to go someday. I have only seen pictures.

  11. Happy Anniversary! That tea shop is wonderful!

  12. Happy Anniversary Ruth! Congratulations on 40 years together! I have been married to my hubby for 32 years this year but we dated for ten years before. Doesn't time fly? I love your anniversary teacup and certainly hope that you went out for a special dinner tonight! Happy Anniversary Week! Karen

  13. Dear Ruth,
    That is a beautiful teacup you have to commemorate your anniversary. Congratulations! Didn't the time just fly? We will be 37 years in June and I can't believe how fast it has all gone.
    Loved seeing your old pictures and hearing about your honeymoon in gorgeous Carmel. Can you share a picture of the painting your grandfather made?
    Tuck Box is a term I did not know. I love that little tea house which is now on my bucket list.
    Again, congratulations and continued health and happiness from Ruthie

  14. Happy Anniversary! Your post is delightful today. The tea cup perfectly commemorates your special day. I love your wedding photo! I was married in the 70s too, and have similar images. You are such a lovely bride!
    Your needle work is amazing!

  15. Happy Anniversary and many blessings in your 4oth! We'll be 40 next year in Feb. 25th. May you be very happy for another 40 years! Thank you for hosting such lovely party. You both look adorable in your wedding pic! Beautiful needlework my friend, so talented you are.

  16. Happy Anniversary! And you are lucky having the right teacup for this special day! It's so nice.
    I hope your hubby is better and you can go out for your anniversary dinner soon.

  17. I hope you both had a special anniversary! I love seeing the photo of you two when you got married and hearing about some of your story. Take care my friend! I hope your hubby feels much better now, too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  18. Hi Ruth: I am running late because of computer problems. Happy Anniversary. So very sorry about all that you are going thru. I hope it all get fixed soon. Hope you have a very peaceful week. Blessings, Martha


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