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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Happy Valentine's Day, American Beauty Teacup, Holiday Adventures

Oh my goodness have I missed all my blogging buddies! Was all set to get the Tuesday Cuppa Tea meme post up on Sunday but....Welcome anyway. This is short and I hope sweet, as you will see later....

My teacup today is a favorite of mine and many of you! The American Beauty pattern by Royal Albert, England...

This gorgeous lush roses pattern was the most popular of Royal Albert floral patterns from the 1940s until it was surpassed by the arrival of the famous Old Country Roses in 1962 which has become a world wide enduring favorite.

The pretty bone china teacup is in the Countess shape. 

This one has sponged gold trim, which can be narrow...as this is...or wide and is the sign of a more labor intensive, and usually better quality teacup. The reason is because the gilder uses a steady hand and a brush on the gold trim line, but to apply sponged gold, the gilder literally uses a bit of wet sponge in the gold and had applies it with a stippling motion...touch, touch, touch...a much longer task than the quick lining with a paint brush.

I love the pretty pink roses...so perfect for Valentine's Day!

I had planned more of a Valentine post and our 40th anniversary is coming up, but....here's my excuse....I'm sure some of you will remember my last post mentioned that our son, daughter in law & 23 year old grandson were flying in from Utah...hooray!!!

Dave is our baby...44 next month and at 6' 4" tops his dad by an inch. He married a wonderful girl whom we love! This is on the Bainbridge Island ferry from Seattle where they fly in to. After messing arouond here, they wanted to warm up with a Mexico cruise, so we flew to Southern California and did a 4 day Coastal cruise with them on Carnival  (eeek!!!) 

This is Catalina Island off the California Coast...you can see the Carnival ship in the background in one of the pictures. The 23 year old grandson enjoyed Catalina too....sigh...I sorta remember when I was 23....

I haven't downloaded the rest of the photos, but you get the idea! Anyway, to recover we then did a 7 day Mexico in Princess....and the day before we were to get off...we got a call from the cat sitter....there is water pouring down your driveway...broken pipe...from a cold snap. So...instead of being home on Saturday and back at work...it was.....

2 nights at the local Holiday Inn hotel here in Sequim because we had no water...plumber's been and gone and things are better and we got to come home last night, so....we had a week of weather in the 20s with a wind in a wierd direction that froze a pipe, luckily in the garage. It just got boxes of back taxes wet, and 1 box of family books we had out until we changed a piece of furniture which we were going to do as soon as we got back....

So...I hope you have had an interesting week, and will have a Valentine's Day filled with love and joy...and tea! Here are some of the blogs I am visiting...I apologize again for the delay, and enjoy your week!

Oh...I am having a 15% off Valentine's sale at Antiques And Teacups...just use coupon code LOVE!

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  1. Welcome back, Ruth! You had a lovely time with your family. One of my favourite patterns is American Beauty. I have the saucer but not the teacup yet. Still searching. Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for coming to tea.


  2. Welcome back my friend ... Looks like you had a great time with your family. How awful to deal with the broken pipe ... thankfully you are back home now. Stay warm and thank you for hosting...hugs and blessings, C.

  3. You had an interesting time of it! You never know what is going to happen.
    Your American Beauty is just that....a beauty! I love this pattern. I have one tea cup, but not quite the same as yours.
    Hugs, and get some rest,

  4. What a world traveler you are! I have a friend here who has just returned from quite a long get away. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed a little warm weather to break up the cold. Glad you're hosting again - always an entertaining and informative post!

  5. Welcome home, Ruth! Your family cruise looks like fun. So sorry about the broken water pipe. Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Phyllis

  6. I am sorry about the broken pipes but the cruise sounds like so much fun. Your cups are pretty. Welcome back!...Christine

  7. Hi Ruth,
    For some reason when I linked up my pic didn't show! Christine's did! Sooo strange! I hope that she will forgive me. It actually links to my BlogSpot. I love your Royal Albert American Beauty teacup. That was my mother's dinner set and I am lucky to have place settings for six. I am pleased that you got away with your family. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Karen

  8. Hi Ruth,
    I am not sure if my last comment posted. At first Christine's pic showed up but now I see it is mine there. Anyway, I love your Royal Albert American Beauty teacup. It was my mother's dinner set and I am fortunate to have six place settings. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Glad you can spend some time with your family! Thank you for hosting! Karen

  9. Royal Albert"s American Beauty cup and saucer is perfect for Valentine's Day! glad your family joined you for their vacation. The photos are beautiful and I'm so glad you enjoyed your cruises. Glad your plumbing are over! Have a special Valentine's Day!


  10. I think that American Beauty pattern is one of the loveliest china patterns of all time!

  11. So delighted you were able to have this visit and to take this marvelous trip - how romantic! I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,


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